What’s new in PowerPack for Vault 2025

13 June 2024PowerPack for Vault



Welcome to the new version of PowerPack for Vault, a powerful extension designed to enhance Autodesk Vault with advanced capabilities for automation and efficiency in data management. This latest release brings new features and improvements aimed at streamlining your document management processes and giving you more control over your design and engineering data.

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Let’s explore these new features of PowerPack for Vault 2025 and their benefits for designers and engineers.

Lifecycle management matrix | Graitec - UK
Files mass release | Graitec - UK
Destination path option in export settings | Graitec - UK
  • Streamline lifecycle management by designing workflows, permissions, and actions in an intuitive, color-coded diagram, and seamlessly pushing the final output to Autodesk Vault.

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  • Accelerate productivity with the new Mass Release feature, automating file releases upon change order status changes.

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  • Simplify the user’s experience by adding a destination path directly in the Export Structure settings dialog, eliminating the need to edit the XML file.

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What’s new in PowerPack for Vault 2025 | Graitec - UK

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