What’s New In Revit 2020.1

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What’s New In Revit 2020.1

Autodesk have recently released Revit 2020.1 with some great new features, and in this blog I will look at some of the best ones under the headings of Connect, Create and Optimise.


SketchUp 2019 Support

We how have support for SketchUp 2019, it will also support the colours from the Sketchup Model.

Whats New In Revit 2020.1 1

BIM360 Sync Activity Indicator

A new icon has been added to the Worksharing toolbar so that we can see when other users are syncing to the cloud. A bit like the old Worksharing monitor, but this is specific to cloud based models.

Whats New In Revit 2020.1 2


Several new rebar tools have been added to aid in the creation of our rebar drawings.

New Rebar to Rebar Constraint Types

During the modeling process rebar detailers need to accurately define and adjust reinforcements in concrete elements. A common and continuous problem is the need to adjust rebar designs when concrete formwork geometry changes.

A very helpful tool during the modeling process is Rebar constraints. They set and lock the geometry of each rebar instance with respect to a target to precisely place rebar as well as update them if any design changes happen.

Whats New In Revit 2020.1 3

Intuitive Rebar Constraints Visualisation and Editing

It is now easier than ever to select bar handles and rebar constraints. New icons and tool tips help to display the options that are available for that particular constraint. You can use the Spacebar to cycle through the visible handles, or Shift + Spacebar to cycle backwards.

Whats New In Revit 2020.1 4

Performance Enhancements for Rebar Constraint editing

Editing rebar constraints is now faster for shape-driven rebar. The improvement is noticeable when running the Edit Constraints command, changing the Bar Handles, editing offset values and when finishing the Editing Command.

Precast Automation for Double Walls in the Structural precast extension for Revit

Whats New In Revit 2020.1 5

Autodesk realised the Precast extension with the launch of Revit 2020, which gave users the ability to automate the creation of Rebar, rule-based segmentation, shop drawings and the ability to create CAM files.

Double walls have now been added to this list of tools available, which are again all controlled though predefined rules.

Whats New In Revit 2020.1 6


MEP Systems Analysis Features and Framework

It is now possible for HVAC Designers to use the Insight tools on the Architectural Model at any point during the design process.

Whats New In Revit 2020.1 7

The new system analysis tool is powered by EnergyPlus and comes with two predefined routines, Annual Building Performance and one for calculating loads and sizing. Custom routines can also be created.

Path of Travel

A few improvements have been made to the path of travel tool. Possibly the biggest being the introduction of two Dynamo nodes, thus allowing for multiple paths to be automatically created.

Whats New In Revit 2020.1 8

We also have a button to reveal objects so we can clearly see what it is controlling the route that is been taken.

Row Striping in Schedule view

Not a huge feature but a useful one. The ability strip alternate rows in large schedules, makes it easier to read. This only affects the Schedule view and is not displayed on the sheets.

Whats New In Revit 2020.1 9

Attach Wall Dialogue Enhancement

Whats New In Revit 2020.1 10

We can now control when the Attached wall dialogue box is displayed, which will help to speed up our design process without been asked continously.

Expose Survey Point and Project Base Point for Linked Files

We can now show the coordinate markers for linked files. This will help in understanding alignment issues when linking files.

Whats New In Revit 2020.1 12

Some nice features have been added to this service release, many of them have been suggested by users. Autodesk are always looking for user input into which features are developed next, and you can click on this Revit Ideas link to have your say.


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