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24 January 2017inventor, mechanical



Woodwork for Inventor (W4I) comes with a library of 3D hardware models that represents more than 200 hours of modelling time that YOU won’t have to do to get started with W4I.

One of the most time consuming tasks in 3D modelling furniture for production is the placement of mating holes across components.

woodwork hardware library

Creating a through hole in a cabinet side, then a pilot hole in the adjoin panel is time consuming, boring (excuse the pun) and prone to error if the fixing needs to move.

Woodwork for Inventor has tools to solve this specific task.

The 3D models in the W4I hardware library, contain the ‘negative’ shape of the hole they need to cut.

furniture hardware
The process is straight forward. You place the components into your assembly exactly as you usually would with Autodesk inventor. Constrain them in place, and then run the W4I ‘Sculpt’ tool, which cuts the required shape into all mating parts.

If the design changes, you can move, add, remove hardware as required and then run the Sculpt command again to remove the original holes, and build the new ones.
Each part can now be assessed by the CNC module to create tool paths for your CNC machine.

The same technology can be used to add standard woodworking joints such as mortice and tenon, or grooved housings by relating joints across parts.

cabinetry hardware library

You can add your own 3D hardware models to the W4I library. You can model hardware and fixings yourself, or download 3D CAD models or hardware from your supplier’s web site, and add the cutting information into the model yourself.

The W4I library includes approximately 150 fixings and fittings, Including:
•    Gas stays
•    Concealed hinges
•    Minifix
•    Dowel
•    Screw
•    Confirmat
•    Stays
•    Handles
•    Feet
•    Shelf pegs.

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