Construction BIM Program

With the introduction of Autodesk Construction Cloud suite of products, GRAITEC has formed construction focused teams in each country to work with our customers on implementing the tools. In addition, we have developed and provide construction specific IP to align with the Autodesk product suite.

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A complete implementation package.

GRAITEC provide a complete implementation package that includes the implementation and ongoing support of Autodesk products and our own softwares.

Construction BIM Program  | Graitec - UK

GRAITEC Construction BIM Program includes:
• Full software training for all competencies
• Awareness training for all areas of the business technical and non-technical
• Standards, processes, and template creation and support
• Alignment with ISO:19650 BIM Standards


• International team of Industry experts in the construction industry
• Qualified BSI practitioners who can guide you through the implementation
• Work closely with the BSI and BRE for BIM Level 2 Certification
• All projects include a full project management experience

Construction BIM Program  | Graitec - UK

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