Technical consultancy

GRAITEC offer a wide range of technical consultancy, from project support through to full content creation that can be utilized on BIM projects.

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Improve the technical efficiency of your projects.

From project support to full content creation that can be utilized on BIM projects, the GRAITEC team is here to help you get technical work done efficiently.
In addition, GRAITEC has the expertise to improve your projects with custom development to enhance your requirements. This may be software platform based or within the actual model/content.

Technical consultancy | Graitec - UK

Services include:
• Project based consultancy
• Software based consultancy
• BIM specific technical/non-technical consulting services
• Content creation
• Additional project or software-based development services


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First-rate business & tech advice to optimize your purchase

More than 700 agile experts in digital transformation

Sustainability is not just a slogan: it’s about building a better tomorrow

More than 270,000 satisfied clients all over the world

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Please contact us had you any questions on our Consulting services! Our team of experts is here to help you get the best out of your projects.

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