CPW achieves BIM Certification and ISO 19650-2 compliance with GRAITEC

GRAITEC’s BIM consulting services team worked with mechanical and structural engineers, CPW on their successful BIM Certification and ISO 19650-2 compliance. Read more about the partnership here.



CPW partners with GRAITEC to achieve BIM Certification 19650-2:2018

Company: CPW
Location: United Kingdom

GRAITEC proudly announces the successful collaboration with CPW in achieving BIM Certification and ISO 19650-2:2018 compliance.

About CPW

Intent on designing Zero Carbon Buildings, CPW strives to ‘raise the global standards of MEP engineering whilst designing better spaces and places for the world’.

With offices across the UK, Poland, and India the company delivers building design for sectors including healthcare, education, residential, commercial, infrastructure, pharmaceutical, sustainability and public buildings.

CPW was awarded BIM Certification ISO 19650-2:2018 in January (2024) following a roll-out with BIM consultants GRAITEC.

GRAITEC spoke with Rob MacDonald, BIM Manager at CPW, to understand the transformative impact of BIM and the importance of external expertise in this process.


CPW achieves BIM Certification and ISO 19650-2 compliance with GRAITEC | Graitec - UK

Data transparency and effective collaboration across teams and projects is a key driver for CPW.

Rob explains: “BIM is more than just Autodesk Revit, it’s about information and collaboration across various platforms. Digital tools are replacing traditional paper blueprints, ensuring up-to-date information and reducing rework. This shift is improving efficiency and accuracy on site.

“Importantly, this early data sharing also allows us to reduce the building’s carbon footprint wherever possible. BIM models provided by architects enhance CPW’s capabilities in performing accurate thermal calculations, understanding opportunities for solar shading, and running daylight calculations so we can maximise heat from the sun. Our next venture is to better understand what materials are being used and the recyclability of them.”

BIM Certification + ISO 19650-2:2018

ISO 19650 is a set of global standards that offer guidelines for managing information during the entire life of buildings and construction projects using Building Information Modelling (BIM). These standards are part of the UK BIM Framework.

CPW sought BIM Certification and 19650-2:2018 with BRE (Building Research Establishment) meanwhile engaging with BIM consultants, GRAITEC.

Rob says: “GRAITEC’S expertise was instrumental in aligning CPW’s processes with ISO 19650 standards. We opted for BRE (Building Research Establishment) certification due to its compatibility with CPW’s existing accreditations.”

Achieving BIM Certification + 19650-2:2018

CPW achieves BIM Certification and ISO 19650-2 compliance with GRAITEC | Graitec - UK

CPW’s BIM Certification process began in 2019 with a gap assessment and then resumed at the end of 2020 following the COVID pandemic.

Rob explains: “Initially, we held in-house training to understand our position and improve our skill set. We then developed information and processes, before assessing how our processes fitted new documentation. We involved GRAITEC to support us for a gap assessment before aligning our processes with the new ISO 19650 standards.

“This process involved reviewing our documentation and processes, leading to company-wide adoption of new standards. On completion, BRE conducted a four-day audit across the company to verify compliance.”

Throughout the certification journey, Rob worked closely with Matt Smith, Technical Solutions Manager from GRAITEC, who provided continuous support and feedback on compliance with BRE requirements. This collaboration ensured that CPW’s documentation and processes met the stringent standards required for certification. Training workshops were also delivered by GRAITEC to support education of BIM and ISO 19650-2:2018.

Rob adds: “External expertise provided valuable insights and confirmed our plans, allowing us to make informed decisions and validate our approaches. The continuous feedback loop with GRAITEC was essential, enabling us to learn from successes and mistakes, as emphasised by our BRE assessment.”

Benefits and outcomes of BIM Certification

The BIM certification process has enhanced company-wide knowledge and compliance, meanwhile enabling early and informed decision-making. The company has seen an increase in efficiency, with BIM coordinators and Leaders now established across the company to support ongoing projects and training.

Rob adds: “The certification process has increased company-wide understanding and buy-in, especially with BIM ISO 19650. More clients are seeing the value in data-rich environments, and ISO has helped us to unlock potential when achieving compliance requirements.”

CPW achieves BIM Certification and ISO 19650-2 compliance with GRAITEC | Graitec - UK

What’s next for CPW

CPW achieves BIM Certification and ISO 19650-2 compliance with GRAITEC | Graitec - UK

Looking ahead, CPW aims to focus on model validation and further training for its BIM team.

Rob concludes: “We’ve created regional BIM leads to oversee outputs and assist with training. New graduates use Revit from the start of their employment, allowing them to then choose a path in mechanical, electrical, or digital roles. Our BIM strategy ensures ongoing improvement and compliance with standards, emphasising digital engineering.”

Strategic BIM solutions

CPW’s journey to BIM certification and ISO 19650 compliance, facilitated by GRAITEC’s expertise, underscores the importance of external support in achieving industry standards.

Matt Smith, Technical Solutions Manager at GRAITEC adds: “The benefits of BIM certification, including enhanced documentation, better decision-making, and improved project outcomes, make it a valuable investment for any structural engineering and architectural firm. As the industry evolves, embracing BIM and achieving certification will be crucial for staying competitive and delivering sustainable, high-quality projects.”

Enhancing your Project deliverables with BIM Certification

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Benefits of Certification:
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CPW achieves BIM Certification and ISO 19650-2 compliance with GRAITEC | Graitec - UK

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