Modelling and designing of a multi-storey building with a shell roof in one project.


17 November 2023 - 17 November 2023 | 11:00 - 12:00 | Duration : 1 Hour


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Case study for a timber roof with Advance Design

The aspiration of structural engineers has long been to create both typical and unique structures within a unified platform. With the FEM tool Advance Design, this dream has finally become a reality.

We invite you to attend our webinar, where we will demonstrate how you can effortlessly and swiftly model and design a multi-story building with a shell roof in a single project.

What is Advance Design?

GRAITEC Advance Design  is a mature and easy to use FEM Structural Analysis solution dedicated to structural engineers operating in a BIM environment. It designs any type of structure, with any kind of loads, mixing concrete, timber and steel members. It includes major code standards (Eurocodes / North American).


Evangelia Palkanoglou – Solutions Technical Specialist – Simulate

Dr Evangelia (Evelina) Palkanoglou is a structural civil engineer, who has actively contributed to core projects such as:

  • Shopping Centre at Wimbledon, London – Connections Design
  • HaPenny Pier at Harrich, Essex – Piles design
  • Residential projects in Essex – Structural design
  • Industrial and Commercial projects in East England and London – Structural design

Evangelia also holds a Ph.D. on Computational Mechanics from Loughborough University.

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