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Obtaining funding for training and development is a cost effective way to ensure employees receive effective training on CAD software and design software as this is a fundamental pre-requisite for any company or business owner looking to maximise productivity from investment in computer aided design technology.

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GRAITEC has teamed up with a leading training, development and government grants consultancy who specialise in sourcing available funding for training from European funding initiatives, available government training grants for small businesses and also local and regional development programs.

Training grants are generally available for a variety of business sizes and depending on the funding source, will have different qualifying criteria and funding limits. Additionally selective grants may offer one off funding but equally could also include further funding for on-going development and additional training or even computer hardware.

Graitec is an Authorised Autodesk Training Centre, offering a full range of CAD courses in the UK, covering architectural / building services and mechanical Autodesk / AutoCAD packages.

Making the right choice when investing in training services is vitally important, that’s why we have made such a significant investment in our training facilities, so that you; our clients can reap the benefit.

Naturally, we hold Authorised Autodesk Training Centre status, so you can be assured of a high level of expertise with experienced and knowledgeable instructors. Our approved courses are designed to suit your needs, and if appropriate we can arrange for you to attend one of our tailored courses aimed at precisely meeting your specific requirements, or you may benefit from one of our scheduled courses aimed at either foundation, intermediate or advanced levels.

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If you are interested in attending funded training or would like to investigate what funding for training would be available to you or your company, please contact us.


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