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Get comprehensive and hands-on training on Autodesk software from Graitec Training Workshops. Our expert instructors offer customised options to suit your specific requirements, covering a range of topics from Revit Architecture to AutoCAD Civil 3D. Learn practical tips and tricks to enhance your productivity and take your skills to the next level. Join us now!

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Why choose our online Training Workshops?

Our Workshops can help improve your teams skills and capabilities around product usage and awareness.

Accelerate your Revit drawing process with manual and automated techniques

Design and create your own company Revit Template with our step-by-step guidance, and discover the secrets of Dynamo, the cutting-edge tool that automates repetitive drawing tasks. Say goodbye to tedious manual labour and hello to unprecedented levels of efficiency that will take your business to new heights. Join the ranks of the industry’s most successful companies and boost your bottom line with our unparalleled opportunity.

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Collaborating with Infraworks

This workshop will help you understand all the different coordinate systems in Revit, AutoCAD and GIS Systems in order to be able to bring all these disciplines together. We will then work with 2D AutoCAD drawings, Revit Models, GIS data and Civil 3D data to create one powerful story in InfraWorks.

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Creating Roundabouts with Corridor Modelling

This workshop will take your Corridor Modelling to the next level with this Roundabout Workshop. Here you will learn how the Roundabout Wizard works and also how to manually create a Roundabout when the Wizard doesn’t create the geometry you need. More importantly, you will learn some great techniques you can utilise in many other scenarios where Corridor Modelling is the best solution.


Creating Junctions with Corridor Modelling

Following on from “Creating Roundabouts with Corridor Modelling” workshop, you can now join it all up. We will take your corridor and create a junction to an existing road tying in the crown and channel lines.  We will build upon your understanding of making a Corridor within Civil3D and show you how to join it all up and create a junction to an existing road and then tying in the crown and channel lines.


Focus on Revit Schedules

This workshop focuses on creating multiple schedule types that extract crucial information and data from models. Attendees will learn how to export and edit data using the Graitec PowerPack, enabling efficient data management. Enhance your skills and knowledge to optimise project workflows by joining this informative workshop.


Using Navisworks in an Infrastructure Project

The workshop aims to enhance project management effectiveness by exploring Navisworks’ abundant tools. It caters specifically to professionals using Civil 3D and Infraworks, and showcases workflows that deviate slightly from traditional methods. By participating in this workshop, you will learn these innovative workflows that will help you and your business manage projects more efficiently.


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