Why choose GRAITEC for your training?

What is better than getting your BIM Certification to develop new projects and be allowed to work on government ones? We offer you the right training to make sure you get it.

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Why choose GRAITEC?  | Graitec - UK

Gain maximum productivity and take full advantage of your software by following a GRAITEC refined training program!

With over ten thousand training days annually, GRAITEC courses are held to a high standard. Product and industry experienced experts operate in well-equipped first-class facilities. GRAITEC delivers a wide range of technical training to any size company, on- and off site, electronically, from one of its 29 branches, or via its network of partner offices worldwide. GRAITEC professional training is within reach of your office.

GRAITEC is an Autodesk® Authorised Training Center (ATC), a clear reflection of quality that distinguishes us from other training providers. One key to training success is the experience and skill of the mentor, which is why businesses looking to acquire new skills, upskill design teams or embark on a migration to BIM choose GRAITEC with confidence as their professional mentoring partner.

Contact your local GRAITEC office to attend a training programme to master the key technical features of GRAITEC and Autodesk® software.

How to get the BIM Certification?

Your BIM certification made easy with GRAITEC!

GRAITEC has partnered with the BSI globally to offer customers the opportunity to become BIM Level 2 certified at both the individual and the business level. With the support of GRAITEC, customers can align their processes and workflows and streamline their business.
GRAITEC offers a series of workshops and tailored training courses that focus on both the technical and organisational aspects of BIM.

These include:
• Discovery workshops
• BIM awareness training
• Project coordination training
• Documentation development workshops
• COBie and IFC workshops

The benefits of working with GRAITEC:
• Direct partnership between GRAITEC and the BSI
• Working with you at every step to achieve certification
• Qualified practitioners within GRAITEC
• Globally aligned for international businesses

Why register for our training?

Solutions to help deliver your projects on time & under budget

Dedicated experts to help you increase productivity

Training to help improve efficiency within your team

Worldwide leader in AEC & MFG system integration

Why choose GRAITEC?  | Graitec - UK

Want a customised program?

Tell us more about your needs and what you want to achieve and our team of experts will build a customised program that matches it all!

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