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GRAITEC empowers the education sector by providing access to professional software, fostering innovation, and preparing students for careers that will shape the future of the industry. As a developer of software for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) and manufacturing industries, education is our priority. We aim to support students, educational institutions, and professors in their pursuit of knowledge.


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GRAITEC Students & Lecturers Program | Graitec - UK




Free educational licenses to individual students who want to use our GRAITEC software for their personal or academic studies.*


Educational institutions and lecturers

Free GRAITEC licenses to students and lecturers accompanied by a training session for lecturers.*


Young professionals

15% discount on our GRAITEC software for young professionals to kickstart their careers.*





*See below the program conditions

Explore our Students & Lecturers software offers

Our commitment to helping students covers 2 of our leading software solutions: Advance Design and Strucsoft. These cutting-edge tools are widely used by professionals around the world. With their intuitive interfaces and advanced features, they provide a hands-on learning experience for students and lecturers alike. And with our free licenses and training sessions, there’s no better time to start using them in your educational institution.

ADVANCE DESIGN, the easy-to-use FEM software for structural engineers.

What’s Included in the Advance Design Education Program

  • Free 1-year license for students
  • Free package licences + 3-hour training for lecturers
  • 15% discount for young professionals

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STRUCSOFT – MWF, the leading Wood and Light Gauge Steel Framing Software

What’s Included in the Strucsoft Education Program:

  • Free 6-months renewable license for students and lecturers
  • 2 free 2-hour training sessions for lecturers


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Why Get Our Free Education Package?

Our education package offers free access to powerful software, allowing students to learn industry-standard technologies. By using our software in their studies, students enhance their skills, gaining a competitive edge in the job market. Lecturers can use our software to teach students the latest techniques and tools used in the AEC & MFG industries. 

Our customers say it best

By incorporating GRAITEC Advance Design into our education program, we have significantly enhanced the learning experience for our students. The dedicated support and commitment from GRAITEC provide our students and professors with access to invaluable resources, mentorship, and exposure to cutting-edge software. This collaborative partnership not only equips our students with essential skills but also empowers educators, offering them the tools and knowledge required to meld the next generation of industry professionals. Together, we bridge the gap between academia and industry demands, creating a collaborative environment that sets students up for success.

ISBA – TP – Marseille

By using GRAITEC software (Advance Design, Arche and Melody) in structural design training courses at CNAM Paris and CNAM Liban, the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers provides its auditors with the tools they need to succeed in professional training courses.

Our collaboration with GRAITEC doesn’t stop there! CNAM research professors are involved in research and development projects in partnership with GRAITEC to find innovative solutions to the various problems faced by structural engineers.

Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers – Paris

Program conditions

Who’s eligible for the Graitec Education Plan? | Graitec - UK
What’s included in the GRAITEC Education Plan? | Graitec - UK
How do students, educational institutions and young professionals get access to Graitec products for educational use? | Graitec - UK
    • Students: Students are eligible if they can provide a valid educational email address ending in “.edu”. Students may participate in the Education plan to conduct thesis or master’s work.
    • Educational institutions and professors: Eligible education institutions and lecturers are those who are employed by, or contractors of a qualified educational institution, which is one that has been accredited by an authorized governmental agency for the primary purpose of teaching enrolled students. This includes accredited middle schools, high schools, higher education institutions, and homeschools. Lab and IT administrators of qualified educational institutions can also gain access to benefits and free multi-user access.
    • Young professionals: -15% if the young professional is asking for the license with a first employer in his career. The discounted price is available for one year only and only for the young professional, not for their colleagues.
  • GRAITEC software and services accessed through the Education plan contain the same features and functionality available through paid subscription.

    Access includes the current version plus up to three prior versions (where available).

  • Are you eager to leverage GRAITEC’s powerful products for educational purposes? We’ve streamlined the process to make it straightforward and user-friendly for students, professors, and young professionals.

    How to gain access:

    • Complete the form on this page: Fill in the required details, including your name, affiliation with an educational institution, and a valid educational email address ending in “.edu” (or equivalent). Once you’ve filled out the form, submit it to initiate the process.
    • Prompt Response: Expect a prompt response from a dedicated representative from GRAITEC’s educational team. They will reach out to you to begin the eligibility validation process.
    • Role and Institution Verification: During the validation, our team will ensure that you are indeed a student or professors associated with a qualified educational institution. This step is crucial to maintaining the integrity of our educational access program.
    • Education Email Requirement (.edu): To proceed with the validation process, please use your official educational email address ending in “.edu” (or equivalent). This ensures a secure and authorized distribution of our free licenses.
    • Discounted and Free License Access: Once your eligibility is successfully validated, our team will provide you with access to your free license for GRAITEC products. Now, you’re equipped to explore, learn, and innovate with our cutting-edge software.