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Customer Stories

The Importance of Numbering in Refurbishing Big Ben Clock Tower

During a recent presentation with with Purcell Architects at Autodesk University, the renovation of Big Ben (also known as Elizabeth Tower) was a prime example of how building information modelling (BIM) and Autodesk Revit were utilised throughout the seven-year project.

GKC Architecture and Design

After implementing Revit over 10 years ago, GKC made the bold choice to quickly become one of the first all-BIM firms in the province of Quebec. As the industry continued moving to BIM, GKC Architects were faced with 2 challenges: holding on to valuable human capital and managing growth. As years passed, the firm was faced with disruption and clashes between teammates, as skilled newcomers with different backgrounds and experience had their own way of doing things. They called Graitec for help.

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Customer Stories | Graitec - UK

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