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ALUDOR, leader in aluminum railing, currently produces some 186 miles of custom aluminum railings per year. Present in over 50 countries worldwide, ALUDOR has diversified its activity over the past 10 years, today producing aluminum gates marketed through a network of professionals. The nexus company, ALUDOR’s Design and Engineering Department is responsible for validating the feasibility of each project and providing the elements necessary for the manufacture and installation.
Currently, drawing are produces in 2D using CAD software. The problem is how to enter the BOMs, considering quantitative elements and references.

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Advance Workshop automates railings production | Graitec - UK

The company Armatures Sarl* produces 180 T of rebars per month, assembled, cut and bent, and sells trade products. It is equipped with a mobile cutting bench, a straightening and moulding machine, a framing machine for diameters up to 12 mm, a mechanical bender and a bar shear. The company employs five welders for the assembly. The average diameter of the bars is 9.8 mm. In the office, one person takes care of the detailing, and the manager and another employee share the administrative workload concerning the management of purchases, sales and stock.

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The company Rebar+ Pty Ltd.* comprises three production sites located a few hundred kilometers apart. Production consists of cut and bent steel, supplemented by the sale of trade products (sleeves, welded wire mesh, etc.). Volumes are of the order of 800 to 2,500 T per month and per factory, with an average bar diameter of 17.3 mm. Each site is equipped with a cutting bench, bar shears, at least two framing machines, a straightening machine, and an automated forming machine. Transport management is outsourced. Part of the production is sometimes subcontracted depending on the workload and the deadlines imposed by the construction site.

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Advance Workshop optimises Rebar production | Graitec - UK

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