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3ds Max is a modelling and rendering software for producing photo realistic designs, visualisations, games and animations

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Why use 3ds Max?

Use 3ds MAX to share your ideas, generate animations, and build characters and environments for games

Physical Cameras

Use the settings inside a real camera such as shutter speeds, aperture, DOF, and exposure control

Arnold GPU Rendering

Render in real-time using the GPU to take on the heavy work required

Activeshade Viewports

View your final render in real-time using the activeshade viewport

Advance Fluids

Create realistic liquid such as water, oil, lava as well as gravity and collision control

Particle Flow Effects

Create particle effects like snow, water, spray, rain and smoke

Animation Tools

Use keyframe for managing your animations down to sub element control

3ds Max | Graitec - UK

The 5 key benefits of 3ds Max

  • Use activeshade viewports to understand the finish product before production
  • Benefit from Arnold GPU Rendering, which uses the GPU to provide real-time renders
  • Make use of particle effects to add realism to your render and animation
  • Leverage fluids to add liquid animations to your animation
  • Use animation tools to help keyframe your design

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3ds Max | Graitec - UK

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