Advance Steel key features

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Advance Steel – Features | Graitec - UK

Steelwork Modelling

Autodesk Advance Steel enables you to streamline your structural steelwork and architectural metalwork modelling and automate documentation. This allows you to reduce the administration burden and deliver enhanced productivity


Parametric Connections

Advance Steel allows you to save time on your design projects by easily creating 3D models in an AutoCAD environment, using the built-in global steel sections library

Powerful Macros

Advance Steel enables you to benefit from design flexibility. With the help of the solution, you can apply over 200 industry standard connections between beams and, by so doing, easily configure designs to your precise requirements


Advanced Verification

Advance Steel allows you to get ahead of the game by using the built-in clash check and other tools to verify your model for fabrication before moving onto the drawing creation phase

Advance Steel – Features | Graitec - UK
Advance Steel – Features | Graitec - UK

Automated Documentation

With the Advance Steel solution, you can generate fully-dimensioned part and fabrication drawings and general arrangement drawings quickly and easily, while also rapidly creating lists and schedules


CNC Data

Using Advance Steel, you can produce full sets of NC and DXF files for a whole model in seconds, thereby helping accelerate project delivery

Other features

Stairs, Railings and Cage Ladders
Model miscellaneous steelwork more quickly

Sheet Metal and Folded Plate Work
Create folded elements of any shape more quickly

Dynamo Extension for Advance Steel
Create parametric complex structures with a visual programming tool

Built-in Connection Design Engine
Enable users to check steel-connection design in real-time

Steel Shop Drawings
Generate more accurate drawings for fabrication

Bills of Material (BOM)
Automatically generate BOMs based on design data

Drawing Update with Revision
Spend less time tracking modifications with revision clouds

Bi-directional Link with Revit
Speed time to fabrication with model synchronisation

Robot Structural Analysis Interoperability
Optimise your structure with bi-directional links

BIM 360 Interoperability
Collaborate more efficiently across the design team