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Advance Steel is a steelwork-detailing software package. It features dedicated macros for creating common connections and other structural elements, such as stairs, railings, ladders, bracing and portal frames. In addition, it automatically generates fully-dimensioned fabrication drawings, material lists and NC data for CNC workshop machines

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Why use Advance Steel?

Streamline structural steelwork and architectural metalwork modelling and automate documentation

Steelwork Modelling

Create 3D models easily in an AutoCAD environment, using the built-in global steel sections library

Parametric Connections

Apply over 200 industry standard connections between beams and easily configure to your requirements

Powerful Macros

Dedicated macros for portal frames, railings, stairs and other common structural elements

Advanced Verification

Verify your model for fabrication using the built-in clash check and other tools

Automated Documentation

Generate fully-dimensioned part and fabrication drawings and general arrangement drawings. Easily create lists and schedules

CNC Data

Produce full sets of NC and DXF files for a whole model in seconds

Advance Steel | Graitec - UK

The 5 key benefits of Advance Steel

  • Enable simple 3D modelling of steelwork in an AutoCAD environment
  • Support a library of over 200 parametric connections
  • Deliver advanced macros for common structural / architectural features
  • Support fully-automated production of manufacturing drawings
  • Automate NC and DXF files
Advance Steel | Graitec - UK

Need to go further with PowerPack for Advance Steel?
Build your 3D frame and store it in the library,  in the blink of an eye 

Empower your software with Powerpack
The Steel Structure Designer incorporates an extensive range of building definitions and tools enabling users to configure complete structures in seconds, from standard building shapes used in industry (platforms, steel halls), to more complex models, such as office buildings or structures with curved roofs, in seconds.

Factory or Building
No matter the type of structure, Factory or Building, the Steel Structure Designer helps you to define the geometry of the structure (rows, bays, levels), then the portal frames that will support the roof, intermediate columns, side and roof bracings, railing and purlins, including steel panels, or cladding, that cover the entire structure.

The macro incorporates a library which gives the possibility to save all configurations and types of structures for later usage.

Intelligent BIM workflows
Designed to save you considerable time, the functionalities of the Steel Structure Designer are able to run across multiple platforms including Autodesk® Advance Steel (as part of PowerPack for Advance Steel) and GRAITEC Advance Design, enabling flexible and intelligent BIM workflows.


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Advance Steel | Graitec - UK

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