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Advance Workshop Precast is a software solution specifically developed for precast manufacturers. Our software assists you in the daily management of your workshop(s). It facilitates the management of precast concrete and your entire organization (manufacturing, design studies, production and delivery) thanks to its broad functional coverage. You can thus create libraries of standard products, including concrete parts, to facilitate the placing of orders, or constitute more specific parts step by step.

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Why use Advance Workshop Precast

Your main activity is the manufacture of precast concrete parts. Your main issue is ensuring quality products for your customers, while meeting your delivery deadlines and costs.

Whether you produce standard or special parts, our software is designed to provide a turnkey solution for the management of concrete parts and rebar manufacturing process..

We provide an ERP and MES solution to optimize you production and management with our software, you can create libraries of standard products to facilitate the placing of orders, or constitute more specific parts step by step.

Our solutions for precast concrete manufacturers include administrative and sales management, detailing, production optimization and scheduling, machine downloading, organization of delivery runs, advanced stock management, quality assurance, and interfaces with third-party software (financial, design and engineering firms, etc.).

Advance Workshop Precast OVERVIEW

Production control

Logistics, organize your truck fleet automatically

Configuration of ranges and quotations

Import of 3D models eg IFCs

Traceability of raw materials, production and delivery

Optimise your factory production

Advance Workshop Precast | Graitec - UK

The 5 key benefits of Advance Workshop Steel

Reduce Waste of materials

Maximize production time

Always have adequate stocks

Integrate sales, production, and transport planning


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Advance Workshop Precast | Graitec - UK

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