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Advance Workshop is a manufacturing execution system(MES) developed for the rebar,steel and precast fabrication industries. It optimises factory machine productivity, transport and stock levels and conforms to all major code standards globally. The system can import cad drawings, IFCs and BIM model information to enable efficient execution of all fabrication processes needed to transform from raw material to finished product ready for delivery.
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Why use Advance Workshop

Saves production time and increases efficiency through optimising fabrication processes with all known machinery formats

BIM workflows

Imports BIM data through IFC compatibility and is able to extract necessary production data like rebar lists.


Gives complete tracking of raw material data through goods received through production and then delivery to site


Automate the PO, Billing and invoicing process with your preferred subcontractors.

ERP interface

Connect Advance Workshop to existing ERP systems in order to generate automatic and accurate payroll data for employees.

Real Time data

Access to real time production data to give accurate decision making information.

Transport- GPS

Inbuilt GPS enabled logistical system allows precise scheduling of daily delivery requirements with entire truck /haulier fleet.

Advance Workshop | Graitec - UK

The 5 key benefits of Advance Workshop

Save 30% time on your production programme

Improve your decision making with real time access to factory data

Our onsite Implementation experts will ensure smooth onboarding and activating of our system

Full time technical support available throughout normal working hours

Costs- reduce these through elimination of wasted raw materials

Advance Workshop | Graitec - UK
Advance Workshop | Graitec - UK

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Advance Workshop | Graitec - UK

Discover what’s new in Advance Workshop

Get ready to experience the most user-friendly and advanced version of Advance Workshop!

Packed with exciting new features and incredible benefits for Steel and for Rebar, this release is designed to take your manufacturing processes to the next level.

Advance Workshop Steel
Advance Workshop Rebar


Software IT requirements for Advance Workshop

Find out server, computer, and hardware recommandations

Advance Workshop key features

Discover now how Advance Workshop can perfectly match your projects.
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BIM workflows

Advance Workshop integrates perfectly into a BIM process by allowing you to import your models to create a digital continuity.

  • Import of the main 3D model files, IFC, DSTV, GTCX, SLMX
  • Identification of necessary operations
  • 3D visualisation of your elements
  • Generation of BOMs


Traceability is an essential aspect in your factories, which is why Advance Workshop integrates different traceability solutions throughout all processes:

  • Control at reception with labels of raw materials at reception via industrial terminals
  • Traceability of the value chain with the possibility to trace back to the heat number
  • Traceability of remnants
  • Traceability of your operations via industrial terminals
  • Traceability of your shipments via industrial terminals


Advance Workshop offers a management of the subcontracting of your products and operations through several aspects:

  • Subcontractor orders.
  • Management of subcontracted operations by site.
  • Automated generation of purchase orders and delivery notes from expected suppliers.
  • Definition of prices directly from the site to facilitate orders and invoices.
  • Subcontractor documents with your company logo.
  • Time saving and supervision of subcontracted operations.
  • Subcontractor invoices and payments
  • Register supplier/subcontractor invoices.

ERP interface

The adoption of a new IT solution often needs further integration with existing software portfolio. Advance Workshop with 30 years of experience in the field can integrate with all known solutions on the market and which will allow you to have perfect connectivity between your various systems and processes in place.

Real Time data

Advance Workshop integrates a tracking engine for production data entered in the workshop via the Advance Workshop TouchBox network. This combination offers the following functionalities

  • Control, by barcode reading of production orders
  • Real-time tracking and reporting of productivity and traceability.
  • Complete production management with real time progress display.
  • Traceability of raw materials for quality control
  • Traceability and productivity statistics.
  • Highly accurate costing based on recorded events.

Transport- GPS

Whether internal or external, Advance Workshop has modules to manage your transport logistics to improve your relationship with your carriers and also reduce the time and carbon impact of your transport. Advance Workshop offers the following features :

  • Organisation of deliveries by route and by truck, taking into account priorities and choice of routes.
  • Link to Google Maps®.
  • Transport planning with fleet reservation and consistency check.
  • Management of the truck schedule.

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