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What’s in the Autodesk AEC Collection


Structural engineers

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Civil engineers

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What is AEC Collection?

The Autodesk® AEC Collection® is a comprehensive suite of software designed specifically for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.

The Autodesk® AEC Collection® consists primarily of the following software: AutoCAD®, Revit®, Civil 3D®, InfraWorks®, Navisworks Manage®, Robot Structural Analysis Professional®, 3ds Max®, Advance Steel®, Insights®, Dynamo®, ReCap Pro®, Vehicle Tracking®, Structural Bridge Design®.

With the Autodesk® AEC Collection®, you can take advantage of a wide range of software to meet your project management contingencies at a stable and controlled price.

What are the advantages of the AEC Collection?

Whether you are an architect, engineer or builder, save your budget and be more productive by choosing an AEC Collection licence, rather than multiplying your licence purchases!


By choosing AEC Collection from Autodesk® instead of purchasing Revit® and AutoCAD® software separately, you’ll have immediate access to a complete suite of nearly 20 modelling, design, data analysis, and simulation software products with a simple, easy-to-manage annual subscription. AEC Collection includes: AutoCAD®, Revit®, Civil 3D®, InfraWorks®, Navisworks Manage®, Robot Structural Analysis Professional®, 3ds Max®, Dynamo®, Advance Steel, Insights®, ReCap Pro®, Vehicle Tracking, Structural Bridge design.


The AEC Collection real-time collaboration tools allow for better work on the same project, in real time to resolve coordination issues and improve communication between team members. AEC Collection document review tools also reduce document review time, while reducing errors and inconsistencies.


AEC Collection is regularly updated with new features. You progress at your own pace in discovering new tools to improve your productivity. You benefit from the latest software enhancements to help you stay at the forefront of your field of expertise. The environment is a particular focus with Insight® and its energy and environmental analysis features for designing more sustainable buildings.


AEC Collection from Autodesk® gives you the opportunity to discover new, more powerful or advanced software at a controlled cost without having to purchase new licenses. For example, Dynamo® is visual programming software for creating custom workflows to automate repetitive and complex tasks in Revit® or AutoCAD®. It also reduces document review time, while reducing errors and inconsistencies.

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AEC Collection | Graitec - UK


As part of the Autodesk AEC Collection, Revit enables you to leverage a wide range of BIM-specific design tools, allowing you to complete all of your structures, architecture and mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) tasks to optimum standards



Navisworks Manage

With NavisWorks Manage working within the Autodesk AEC Collection, you can access and make use of a broad array of model review; clash detection and coordination; simulation and analysis and quantification functionality, all within a single design software suite



As part of the Autodesk AEC Collection suite, having access to AutoCAD enables you to quickly and easily create precise high-quality 2D and 3D drawings, using industry-standard software solutions



Civil 3D

Thanks to the Civil 3D software tool within the Autodesk AEC Collection, you can provide comprehensive support to BIM projects, and access integrated features to enhance all of your drafting, design and construction documentation


AEC Collection | Graitec - UK
AEC Collection | Graitec - UK


Infraworks is a key element of the AEC Collection, allowing you to model, analyse and visualise infrastructure design concepts within the context of the built environment. This allows faster time to design insight, enabling you to accelerate projects and deliver richer and higher-quality design work



3ds Max

The AEC Collection contains 3ds Max, which allows your design team to access high-end visualisation and animation tools to add colour to designs and bring them to life, while also helping to support all of your architectural/engineering work


Other features

Advance Steel
Access specialist steel detailing software with advanced tools and functions to accelerate steel structural design from initial architectural and engineering concept to fully-detailed drawings and documentation


Dynamo Studio
Automate repetitive design tasks and explore parametric conceptual architectural and engineering designs with this powerful programming tool

Fabrication CADmep
Design and prepare MEP systems for installation, simplify the manufacturing process with machining options and estimate project costs more accurately on small or large construction projects

FormIt Pro
Make use of FormIt Pro for conceptual and early architectural design concepts. FormIt Pro enables you to explore parametric conceptual design, run performance analysis with Insight and collaborate in real-time with colleagues


Improve the performance of your designs by running powerful simulations and data analysis on your projects, all through a centralised cloud service for seamless collaboration


ReCap Pro
Capture real-life design elements or entire buildings and take them into a CAD environment for further development


Robot Structural Analysis Professional
With this advanced BIM tool, analyse and test the effect of loads on static, modal and nonlinear structures, all seamlessly integrated with other BIM solutions

Structural Bridge Design 
Easily calculate section design properties such as shear and torsion, as well as calculating the effects of loads on the structure and ensuring code compliance

Vehicle Tracking 
Plan and analyse the movements of vehicles in and around your site or urban project. Vehicle tracking is specially designed for vehicle swept path analysis, allowing you to evaluate available options and speed up your design process


Frequently asked questions about AEC Collection®.

How do you go from a single product to a collection? | Graitec - UK
What is technical support? | Graitec - UK
How does the subscription work? | Graitec - UK
How do you work as a team with AEC Collection?  | Graitec - UK
What is included in the AEC collection? | Graitec - UK
How to install your software?  | Graitec - UK
  • Simply upgrade your existing product by paying the pro-rata difference between the single product and the collection. Once the order is complete, the licence is automatically assigned to the relevant user. You then simply log out of your previous subscription and log back in. You have access to all the new products included in your collection!

  • The AEC Collection® subscription also includes technical support and access to online resources such as training materials, tutorials and community forums.

  • You subscribe to the AEC® Collection and have access to all the included software tools for a single, predictable annual fee. The AEC® Collection uses a single license model per user: this means that each subscription provides access to all included software tools. Users can install the software tools on multiple devices, but they can only be used by the identified user.

  • AEC Collection® software is designed to work together seamlessly, allowing users to easily transfer data between different applications. You streamline the way you work and reduce potential errors.

  • The AEC® Collection includes nearly 20 software tools, such as AutoCAD®, Revit®, Civil 3D®, InfraWorks®, Navisworks Manage®, Robot Structural Analysis Professional®, 3ds Max®, Dynamo® Studio®, Advance Steel®, Insights®, ReCap Pro®, Vehicle Tracking® and Structural Bridge design. Users install and use the software tools in the collection as they wish without restriction.

  • Once subscribed, users can download and install the software tools they need from the Autodesk® desktop application. The application automatically manages software tool updates and installations.

AEC Collection | Graitec - UK

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