ArchiWizard, the environmental and energy software for architects & thermal engineers

  • User-friendly BIM software for sustainable architecture
  • From daylight tools to summer thermal comfort, and energy & carbon performance of buildings
  • Helps you optimize the energy and environmental performance of buildings right from the earliest design stages
  • Is ready to support British users to elevate building sustainability


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The software dedicated to the optimisation of energy performance and environmental performance of buildings

1. Easy to use by architects, complete enough for engineers


2. Compatible with any CAD software


3. Efficient for environmental certifications like BREEAM, LEED, and PassivHaus

Why ArchiWizard?

  • A complete software
    ArchiWizard brings together all the tools for lighting and solar energy production (photovoltaic and thermal) and thermal comfort for certifications (BREEAM, LEED, French ones like HQE and NF Habitat) and bioclimatic design, while offering a range analysis for energy performance, carbon, and demand sizing.
  • Easy to use
    ArchiWizard is user-friendly, and its ergonomic real-time engine helps you guide your choices regarding energy performance, summer comfort, and visual and lighting comfort.
  • Efficient workflows and quick computations
    From your digital/BIM model, ArchiWizard automatically collects all necessary data and suggests relevant default values. From Autodesk Revit or any CAD software, you are only a few clicks away from quick initial results on light autonomy, energy performance, thermal comfort, and carbon footprint for your building.

Who is ArchiWizard for?


Make informed design choices

Test and iterate on your architectural choices right from the feasibility studies with our BIM software.

Use lighting and solar analysis tools, compare your options on energy and environmental performance, check the thermal comfort of your building.



GRAITEC education program

GRAITEC provides students with access to professional software to drive innovation and prepare them for careers that will shape the future of the construction industry.

Contact us now for information on our student packages, special rates, and free licenses!


ArchiWizard | Graitec - UK

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Easily leverage sunlight

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Design more sustainable buildings while staying in Revit

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Why our customers love using ArchiWizard

Thanks to ArchiWizard, we helped our customer save €50,000 on sun protection equipment for a project of a couple offices. We proposed a project that offered real well-being at work, and optimum energy performance.

Thierry Bonne, chartered architect in France

Choose ArchiWizard to design more sustainable buildings

ArchiWizard enables designers and architects to optimize the bioclimatic performance and comfort of their projects. Contact our teams to find out everything about ArchiWizard, our dedicated support, and our training programs.

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