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Autodesk Construction Cloud® (ACC) connects teams and project data from design to done—reducing risk, protecting profits, and increasing predictability


5 common misconceptions about ACC and why they are wrong

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  • Too complex for architects and engineers to navigate.

    Reality: ACC is designed with a strong emphasis on user-friendliness and intuitive interfaces. The misconception fails to acknowledge that the platform is built to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and provide a centralized hub for project data, reducing the need for unnecessary manual work or complicated procedures.

  • Limited features compared to other software options.

    Reality: ACC is equipped with a comprehensive suite of features tailored to address various aspects of construction project management, collaboration, and data analysis.

  • Steep learning curve.

    Reality: Autodesk understands the importance of a smooth onboarding process. The platform is designed with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive workflows to minimize the learning curve. Additionally, Autodesk provides a range of resources to support professionals in becoming proficient with the platform quickly.

  • Suitable only for large-scale projects.

    Reality: ACC is designed to accommodate projects of all sizes. It offers a range of tools and features that can be customized to suit the needs of various project scales.

  • Compatibility issues with existing software tools.

    Reality: ACC is designed with interoperability in mind. It offers integration capabilities that allow it to connect with various software applications commonly used in the construction industry. This ensures smooth data exchange, reduces manual data entry, and promotes collaboration between different tools.

Why use Autodesk Construction Cloud®Products?

  • Autodesk Construction Cloud® helps seamlessly collaborate with powerful, simple construction management software that connects critical workflows
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud® contains: Docs® BIM Collaborate®, Takeoff®,and Build®
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud® brings every project team member together from design to handover on a single construction management software solution. Connect workflows and collaborate securely from a single source of truth
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What are the advantages of Autodesk Construction Cloud?

Design with more accuracy

Architects, engineers and project teams can collaborate on coordinated, shared designs – regardless of location, role in the project, or stage of the project. Simplify design development and reduce information loss at handover for better design collaboration.

Plan with the whole team

Improve design quality and constructability, create accurate take-offs, and communication efficiently with the whole site team. Preconstruction teams can execute design intent, bid competitively, mitigate financial risks, and remain profitable by streamlining coordination.

Build without barriers

Reporting issues, RFIs and progress between the office and field, and analysing that data with machine learning can positively impact cost, schedule, quality and safety on every job. Autodesk Construction Cloud® helps overcome these barriers by removing siloes, supporting interoperability between work phases and turning project data into actionable intelligence.

Operate in a BIM environment

Connect BIM asset data created during the design phase to construction with model viewing, and access to maintenance checklists, scheduling, and history. With all project teams working in a common data platform, all stakeholders gain visibility into project status, changes and problems.

Autodesk Construction Cloud® Client Testimonials


Skanska office building – Popp & Asociatii, Romania

“Connectivity through Autodesk Construction Cloud® is the surest step towards optimizing the project, precisely because all parties view the same information, in real time”


Institutul Cantacuzino – Leviatan Design, Romania

“BIM360, which is part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud® , was the application needed to unify stakeholders around the project”

Stadion Steaua

Steaua Stadium – Popp & Asociatii, Romania

“Using Autodesk Construction Cloud® , all parties involved in the project had simultaneous access to information, in the same digital work platform (CDE), since the concept phase”


Proiectul 940 – Leviatan Design, Romania

“By working with Autodesk Construction Cloud® , project processes, data, paper, roles and versions have been digitally translated and stored in a shared workspace”

Autodesk Construction Cloud® Products

Autodesk Construction Cloud® products help you build better in a simple, user-friendly interface

Docs | Graitec - UK
BIM Collaborate | Graitec - UK
Takeoff | Graitec - UK
Build | Graitec - UK
  • Connect document management across the project lifecycle. A centralized document management solution that acts as a single source of truth across the project lifecycle for all project teams

    Document Management  – Store, manage and review project documentation in one project location

    Raise and track issues – Communicate issues immediately with other project members

    Document approval workflows – Approve drawings and models with preconfigured workflows

    Work flexibly – Allow teams to access centralised information, anytime, anywhere

    Robust Access Controls – Assign teams with different permissions, giving better project control

    ISO 19650 Ready – Benefit from the solution’s support for ISO19650 for workflows and naming conventions

  • Coordinate teams and models from one place. Speed up design and coordination workflows with simple automation, end-to-end communications, and widespread accountability, all from a single source of truth

    Collaborative – Stay ahead of schedule with tools and integrations that keep your teams up-to-date on changes and progress

    Simple Automation – Get automatic clash detection and change notifications that empower designers and trades to self-check their work

    Insight Driven – Get powerful analytical tools that help leaders predict project outcomes based on data, not bias

    Co-Authoring Enabled – Design together, using Revit cloud work-sharing and collaboration for AutoCAD Plant 3D and Civil 3D

  • Generate 2D take-offs & 3D quantities from a single solution. Win more work with competitive bids that are generated from accurate estimates produced from integrated take-offs and quantities

    Collaboration-first – Align estimators and construction teams with cloud-based data management that ensures everyone is working from a single source of truth

    Automation-enabled – Save time creating competitive bids by performing more accurate 2D take-offs and generating automated quantities from 3D models

    Insight-driven – Avoid rework by visualizing project scope in 3D, which allows a better understanding of design intent and constructability issues

  • Connect field and project management workflows. Seamlessly collaborate and deliver projects on time, on budget with construction project and field management software

    Project Management – Ensure projects stay on track; improve collaboration and reduce miscommunication, error, and rework

    Quality Management – Track all issues in one place and resolve them earlier. Reduce costly rework and keep projects on schedule

    Safety Management – Develop easy-to-adopt, repeatable safety programs and get all team members to take ownership of site safety

    Cost Control – Connect project management and field execution data to cost activities to understand root causes and scope cost impacts

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  • Connect Your Project Teams and Keep Everyone on the Same Page. From design to handover, Autodesk Construction Cloud® helps general contractors to connect workflows and project teams while sharing data in a single platform across multiple projects and/or company accounts

    Connected Data and Teams – Increase communication between the office to the field with connected workflows through every phase of the construction process

    Mitigate Risk – Avoid rework and mistakes by allowing project teams to work from the latest plans and documents with a common data environment

    Ensure Quality – Build it right the first time. Avoid clashes in the field with automated clash detection

  • With Autodesk Construction Cloud®,  Specialty Contractors take control of their project success. The world’s leading Specialty Contractors rely on construction contractor software from Autodesk to empower their field teams, win more work, and control their data as they deliver complex work, faster

    Built for the field – Give your field teams an easy-to-use tool purpose built for their needs

    Control your data – Access your data throughout a project so there’s no question about what work was done or when

    Win more work – Issue more bids, increase bid accuracy, and manage every detail from one place

  • Create robust BIM and CAD-based designs. Enable architects, engineers and contractors to accelerate the design process and improve quality output with integrated workflows for conceptual design, modelling, and multidiscipline coordination

    Coordinate vision -Create 2D and 3D designs with higher quality and more sustainability leveraging Autodesk’s Revit and AutoCAD. Easily integrate plans and models with the Autodesk Construction Cloud

    Streamline collaboration – Improve operational efficiency, automate tasks to reduce design time and improve handoff with streamlined data exchange

    Reduce risks downstream – Alleviate manual, repetitive tasks and generative designs that decrease rework. With design automation, high-performing design alternatives can be made on the fly

  • Realize efficiencies across your asset portfolio with Autodesk Construction Cloud®. Connect all aspects of building data from design through operations to reduce lifecycle costs and lower operational spending, while increasing your building equipment lifespan

    Break down data silos – Improve visibility into project status throughout the entire project lifecycle

    Unified project management – Meet contractual obligations by streamlining the management of capital projects

    Easy and complete handover – Capture the information you need to begin operations on day one

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