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Easily convert your structural steel native and non native Inventor parts and assemblies to DSTV (NC1) files within just a few clicks.

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Why use CMS for Inventor

Single part conversion

Convert any native Inventor (content center parts, Frame Generator parts).

Assemblies conversion

Convert assemblies with fewer inputs (via iProperties).

Non Native file conversion

Convert your STEP, STP, SAT, IGES files

Quick conversion

Convert parts ~ < 1 second per part.

Support Sheet Metals

Bring your standard operations including bending from both your bended and non bended profiles to DSTV (NC1).

Extensive Shape Libraries

Covers AISC, CISC, DIN, France, Australian and more.

CMS for Inventor by Strucsoft | Graitec - UK

The 3 key benefits of CMS for Inventor

Improve effiency. Save time and money.

Minimum support required.

Easy and quick implementation. Seemless structural steel manufacuring process



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CMS for Inventor by Strucsoft | Graitec - UK

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CMS for Inventor by Strucsoft | Graitec - UK