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Everest is a standalone truss designer that allows users to easily engineer trusses outside of the revit environment.

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Why use Everest

Everest allows the creation of virtually any truss shape in light gauge steel. All trusses can then be analyzed according to AISI 2016 standards and ASCE 7-10 codes.

Engineer trusses

Quickly engineer trusses outside the revit and MWF environment and create custom profiled for any type of truss.

Customize webbing

Customize webbing settings to use comon webbing or have diagonals only in compression or in tension.


Analyze trusses and view the analysis diagrams for all possible loading compinations.


Create detailed PDF report for all possible loading combinations.

Everest by Strucsoft | Graitec - UK

The 3 key benefits of Everest

Increase speed of framing by elimating manual workflows.

Quarterly updates with numerous customer driven enhancements

Seemlessly generate engineering reports.



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Everest by Strucsoft | Graitec - UK

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