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FrameLab is a Revit® based coordination tool for structural, MEP and architectural teams. Easily create critical masses, prevent multidisciplinary clashes around openings, and generate change reports. Improve multidisciplinary collaboration during the early phases of your projects, and avoid costly rework later down the road with FrameLab.

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Architectural, Structural and MEP Coordination Tool for Revit®

FrameLab critical framing

Critical Masses

Avoid spending hours or days creating openings manually. Automate the framing of entire levels in a matter of seconds.

FrameLab No Fly Zones

No Fly Zones 

Secure sensitive zones and prevent multidisciplinary clashes with no-fly zones.

Framelab tolerances in a metal building


Improve coordination between MEP and structural teams with tolerances.

FrameLab change reports

Change Reports

Keep track of changes between model iterations with metrics including dimensions, location and type of component.

FrameLab linked models

Linked Models

Create elements on external platforms such as Autodesk Construction Cloud without the need to download them.

Clash management in FrameLab

Clash Detection

Upload your FrameLab models to Navisworks or Construction Cloud for detailed clash detection.

Key Benefits of FrameLab

More Speed | Graitec - UK
Reduced Rework | Graitec - UK
Easy Implementation | Graitec - UK
  • Eliminate manual workflows and boost your efficiency.

  • Improve early phase coordination and avoid costly rework and delays later down the road.

  • Smooth and no-hassle implementation with a dedicated expert team to support your needs.



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