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Use the Integrated ‘Export to DXF’ for Sheet metal components for flat platter development, adding in part number, Description and other token fields,   control the layer designation for the different component elements

Inventor- Features | Graitec - UK

Drawing Header incorrect or needs change?

Need to change the Title block use the ‘Title block Swap out’ feature that allows use to select a new header required and then swap out that header within the current document.

Need Inspection & Checking information

Need to provide clear and concise information for the inspection department within the Drawing workspace,    look no further user the options for Inspection Dimensions within a clear tabular format.  Combine with the Tolerance used within the part in a second tabular format to allow quick and easier inspection results.

Inventor- Features | Graitec - UK
Inventor- Features | Graitec - UK

Redundant parameters and broken references

Then look for the Purge Tools to help the user clean up some broken references, unused references, Unused work features and sick relationships.   These tools will make sure you model is in good condition to improve efficiency

Other features

Drawing Creation
Quickly create clear, accurate, detailed drawings for manufacturing

Shared View Collaboration
Collaborate with key stakeholders on your designs from any device

Work with Non-native Data
Directly open designs created from other CAD systems with no translation necessary

BIM Interoperability
Read and author Revit data as you participate in BIM projects

Design Configurations
Speed your 3D modelling process by rapidly creating new configurations of your designs

Automated Frame Design
Quickly create and simulate 3D models of your weld frame designs

Content Centre
Choose your standard components from a comprehensive customisable library

Sheet Metal
Design and prepare complex sheet metal products for manufacturing

Model-based Definition
Include manufacturing information in your 3D model for downstream applications

Shape Generator
Create and evaluate high-performing design options in minutes