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The most comprehensive Revit® framing plugin
for architects, engineers, contractors and drafters.

 MWF is an end-to-end Revit® plugin capable of automating and simplifying the design and fabrication of wood and cold formed steel framing.  Boost your team’s efficiency by accelerating the modeling and engineering of walls, floors, ceilings and trusses. Transform Revit® into a powerful manufacturing tool by linking your 3D models to CNC machines and saws. Unlock the full potential of Revit® framing with MWF. 

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Automate Revit® Framing and Simplify Fabrication

Design Automation

Speed up framing with MWF’s rule-based, template driven approach. Customize framing elements and/or conditions. Gain access to proprietary studs from providers including ClarkDietrich, CEMCO, ISPAN, Marino\Ware, SCAFCO, Howick and more.

Floor Engineering

Integrate timber floor systems and beams with industry sizing engines such as Forte by Weyerhaeuser and Sizer by WoodWorks.

Truss Engineering

Design and engineer a variety of trusses including wall trusses, back-to-back and in-line trusses, complete with engineering reports.

Clash Detection

Improve team collaboration by detecting clashes between wall and stud members project wide, and easily place framing around them.

Simplified Manufacturing

Transform  Revit® into a powerful manufacturing tool. Export CNC output to machines from industry leading roll formers and wood saws including Howick,  Weinmann, Hundegger, Randek, Arkitech, and more.


Easily generate shop drawings, cut lists, BOMs, engineering reports for floor and roof trusses and simplify construction.

5 key benefits of MWF Framing Software

Streamline your Revit® workflows with user-friendly features. Ideal for architects, engineers, and drafters.

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Maximize Efficiency | Graitec - UK
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  • From design to manufacturing and beyond, MWF is the complete platform for Revit based wood and light gauge steel framing.

  • Increase speed of framing by eliminating manual workflows.

  • Quarterly updates with numerous customer driven improvements.

  • Rely on a simplified process that enables customers with varying levels of Revit experience to begin using MWF with confidence.

  • Responsive and experienced support team available in multiple time zones.

Discover The MWF Product Line

MWF Pro Metal

The complete framing software for modeling walls, floors, ceilings and more in light gauge steel, with optional CNC output.

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Splash screen for Graitec MWF Advanced Metal Framing Software

MWF Advanced Metal

All the functionality of MWF Pro Metal with the added ability to analyse truss and floor systems.

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Splash screen for StrucSoft Graitec MWF Pro Wood Revit Framing Software

MWF Pro Wood

Automate the design of walls, ceilings and floors in timber, generate shop drawings and produce CNC ouput.

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MWF by StrucSoft | Graitec - UK

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MWF by StrucSoft | Graitec - UK


JUNE 14 2023

MWF Summer 2023 Build 

Upcoming Features

Disassemble Wall | Graitec - UK
Wall sheathing | Graitec - UK
Truss Module | Graitec - UK
Shop Drawings | Graitec - UK
  • The new “Disassemble Wall” tool allows users to separate exterior Revit® Walls according to layer function. This will allow for a faster cleanup of the Revit® model in preparation for framing.

  • Users can now place sheathing to a facade wall, without the requirement of a structural mapped layer.

  • The Truss Module now has the addition of the ASCE 7-16 Building Code

  • Users can now place floor labels either “Above” and “Below” the floor joists, allowing for better visibility in shop drawings

MWF by StrucSoft | Graitec - UK

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