Opentree key features

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Automating File Naming Conventions

File naming conventions help businesses to stay organized and makes it easier to identify drawings and documents.
By consistently organizing your files, you will be able to quickly find what you need. In a shared or collaborative group file-sharing setting, it will help others more easily navigate your work.
Opentree can be configured to deploy any file naming standard (including ISO 19650 for BIM projects). The software leads users by the hand, automating the naming where possible and ensuring your projects comply to the project standard set.

Quick Searching

Trying to find, access and edit information is a common challenge which derails productivity.
Files named incorrectly, saved in the wrong location and version creep (multiple copies of the same thing) all compound the issue and add unnecessary cost.
Opentree takes care of file management ensuring that files are named correctly, they are stored where you would expect them to be and with extensive meta data behind them, you can quickly set up powerful searches to find the right information when you need it.

Review and Approve

Manual and paper-based review and approval workflow processes can heavily impact productivity, affect project delivery times, and even increase financial risk and liability should the wrong information be released.
Opentree offers an automated review and approval process to help improve communication and streamline processes.
Additionally, it takes any guesswork out of the construction design project and leaves a detailed log of everyone that has seen changes and made edits.

Version and Revision Control

Version and revision control is beneficial in the design process as it helps to keep track of incremental and major changes.
It enables all members of a team to collaborate from the most recently updated version whilst maintaining invaluable information on the document’s history.
Opentree’ s ability to manage all versions and revisions give management a comprehensive perspective on the development of their construction design project.
A clear, open means of communication also helps to reduce unnecessary duplication of efforts, improve bottom line on the project whilst giving you confidence the correct content is always being released.

Intelligent Data Linking

There can be many documents created on a construction design project. Agreements, conditions, scope of works, drawings, and specifications to name a few.
Therefore, it’s important for a document controller to be responsible for maintaining accurate records of all company documentation and ensuring the right information is distributed on time and to the people that need it.
Opentree dramatically reduces the time required to check if the drawing and document information is correct by automatically updating the title blocks with intelligent data linking.
As a file passes through a workflow, Opentree continually updates the information ensuring all your content complies to the standard set.

Upload to Common Data Environments

A Common Data Environment is the single source of information used to collect, manage, and disseminate graphical models, documentation, and data for the whole project team. This helps to avoid duplication of efforts and improve overall collaboration in the supply chain.
Whilst there are many benefits in using a CDE it does come with a cost and its important to manage your data. Afterall, its rightfully yours.
Opentree automatically upload files and meta data into the common data environments saving you time and ensuring an effective management procedure in place when sharing and publishing your intellectual property. This includes an in-depth audit trial of what was sent, to whom and on what date.
Common data environments that you can upload to using Opentree include BIM 360 Docs, Autodesk Docs, SharePoint, ViewPoint for Projects, Asite, Acconex and Business Collaborator.

Other features

Windows Look and Feel

Introducing new technology and tools into your business can increase productivity, boost moral and help make better, faster decisions.
A big challenge when adopting new technology is user adoption. Functionality is critical but so is “user friendlessness” if you are to succeed in bedding in new technology.
Opentree is a drawing and document management solution that looks and feels like Windows. With a familiar interface and folder structure the software provides an environment users are already comfortable with. This helps to quickly win the hearts and minds of your employees and boost return on investment.

Built-in Mark Up Tools

In the past, it was very common to see CAD software, such as AutoCAD, being used to view, review, and mark up drawings.
Not only was there a cost associated to purchasing the software but an uncontrolled environment installing multiple copies of the same software leading to compliance issues and IT headache.
Opentree has its own built-in viewer with extensive markup tools that can review over 30 different file formats including PDF, Microsoft Office, DWG, DWX, DGN, RVT, DWF + more.
Everything is retained within the system offering an efficient process, an in-depth audit of what has happened whilst reducing unnecessary CAD costs.

Automatically Create the Deliverables

Construction projects rely heavily on the sharing of large amounts of information between diverse stakeholders.
The Exchange Information Requirements helps to define the transfer of information, in what format, at what level of information, when and by what means.
This can be a time-consuming task having to “save-out” as the required format therefore Opentree helps this process via its workflow box where the software automates the creation of the deliverables such as PDF, .IFC, .DWG.
Rather than waiting until the end of the day, week or month and exporting in bulk, a simple configuration will allow the software to perform this task in real time.

Managing E-mails with the Microsoft Outlook Add-In

Over 319 billion emails are sent and received around the world everyday and almost everyone has their unique way of managing and storing this information.
Without technology to help the process, it is difficult to get an acuate picture of all the project communication related to a construction design project as information is siloed and difficult to see.
Where legal disputes are concerned, documented evidence stacks up heavily, so its vital businesses have a means for capturing and managing this information.
Opentree, with its Outlook add in, enables users to quickly navigate the central file store and save important information accordingly. As e-mails and files are stored, Opentree helps capture meta data helping you to quickly search on any e-mail.