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For the professionals in the AEC industry, Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel is designed to improve everyday work and help deliver projects with increased productivity and efficiency. The user-centric powerful extension of Autodesk Advance Steel, the PowerPack extends Advance Steel functionalities by enhancing tools to provide better control and accuracy, reassuring the presence of an essential productivity companion throughout the project.

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Why use PowerPack for Advance Steel

Essential tools for every day needs

Modelling tools

From simple and intuitive commands to complex sections or shapes, the PowerPack for Advance Steel offers a variety of modelling tools

PowerPack Connection Vault

With more than 30 connections, the PowerPack Connection Vault completes the Advance Steel solution

Platform Cover Creator

Automatically create grating or plate cover based on the selected supporting members.


The IGES/STEP export functionality is the key to the collaboration with manufacturers

Stairs and Railings

Best-in-class extension, the Stairs and Railings is a complete and efficient solution built to enhance every aspect of modern technology

Synchronisation Mechanism

User-friendly, highly flexible, and user-driven, the synchronisation is a powerful mechanism to exchange information

PowerPack for Advance Steel | Graitec - UK

The 5 key benefits of PowerPack for Advance Steel

Wide range of commands that aim to boost productivity

Highly versatile and specialised extentions for Stairs and Railings

Extended standard library with a variety of parametric and intelligent advanced connections

Complete BIM workflow based on GTCX file format

Regular updates with numerous customer driven enhancements

Why choose GRAITEC

Solutions to help deliver your projects on time & under budget

Dedicated experts to help you increase productivity

Training to help improve efficiency within your team

Worldwide leader in AEC & MFG system integration

PowerPack for Advance Steel | Graitec - UK

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PowerPack for Advance Steel | Graitec - UK

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