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Graitec PowerPack for Autodesk® Inventor® users, this add-in for Inventor features an assortment of new functionalities which will lead to an increase in productivity, speed up your everyday modelling and improve your workflows. Similarly, all manufacturing industry software users can increase control and automation within Inventor, as Advanced PowerPack for Inventor runs on top of the Inventor Professional platform.

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Why use PowerPack for Inventor

Speed up everyday modelling, increase productivity, and improve workflows within the Inventor workspace. Aiding creation and export of design information.

Visibility Enhancement

Visibility enhancement tools allow you quickly choose what you want to display and what you don’t want to display. (Off Axis, Planes, points sketches, surfaces.)

Purge Tools

The Purge tool allows you to clean up parts and assembly files by getting rid of unwanted geometry and information.

Export File Properties

This command will export all Assembly, Part, Drawing or Presentation iProperty information to a txt file.

Title Block Swap

Title block swap will replace any existing title block on a drawing with another selected title block, which will maintain all iProperty information.

Inspection Dimension Table

Creates an inspection dimension table in any drawing that has inspection dimensions, columns include label, size and inspection rate.

Tolerance Table

Creates a tolerance table in any drawing that has tolerance dimensions, columns include size, shaft/hole, tolerance range and dimension range

PowerPack for Inventor | Graitec - UK

The 5 key benefits of PowerPack for Inventor

Increased automation Via export commands to different formats, for enablement of Manfuacturing data.

Improved assembly and part data, ensuring clean and healthy componet information with the purge tools.

Enhaunce drawing maangement with tools for drawing header change management.

Export of BOMS based upon complied materials setups.

Tools to enable the user to have a cleaner model workspace via the visibility controls within the PowerPack.

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PowerPack for Inventor | Graitec - UK

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PowerPack for Inventor | Graitec - UK

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