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Optimize your product and manufacturing design
process with hundreds of specialized tools for
Autodesk Inventor, Vault, and Plant 3D.

Upgrade your design capabilities with specialized tools for product and manufacturing design. Fine-tune your efficiency and accuracy when working with Autodesk Inventor, Vault, and Plant 3D. Engineers, designers, and manufacturers can streamline workflows with design automation, model clean-up, isometric drawings, model validation, and enhanced search and reporting.


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1 Save time and resources with more efficient, accurate product and manufacturing design.


2 Revolutionize your design capabilities with optimized workflows for engineers, designers, and manufacturers.


3 Elevate your design process for higher productivity and fewer errors with automation, model validation and clean-up, plus enhanced search and reporting capabilities.


4 Unlock the full potential of Autodesk products with PowerPack.

5 Key benefits of PowerPack for PD&M Collection

Increase accuracy and elevate your design capabilities. Experience better engineering, design, and manufacturing workflows and productivity when working in the Autodesk PD&M Collection.

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  • Save money on software tools by employing PowerPack – a unified set of tools that work in concert with each other. Whether you face high-volume design workloads or tight project deadlines, you can optimize your productivity and complete projects faster and more efficiently by using tools designed to work together.

  • Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks so you can work more efficiently. Work faster and more effectively with design automation, model clean-up, and isometric drawings.

  • Ensure accuracy and reduce errors with more efficient workflows between design and data management. Engineers, designers, and manufacturers can validate models and manage information all in one set of complementary tools.

  • Cover all your needs with one comprehensive solution for engineers, designers, and manufacturers. Deliver your product manufacturing projects using tools tailored to your industry that are designed to work together.

  • You can be confident you have the tools you need to succeed, with access to the latest features and ongoing support. Regular updates are backed by GRAITEC technical experts to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Complement and balance your projects perfectly
with PowerPack for PD&M Collection.

PowerPack for Inventor

Get high-quality results and optimized design processes when working in Inventor. Streamline your design, engineering, and manufacturing workflows and boost productivity. Gain efficiency through advanced modeling, improved documentation, custom parameter management, and geometry simplification. Discover

PowerPack for Vault

Speed up everyday data management tasks when using Autodesk Vault. Gain more control and automation in Vault® with faster workflows. Increase your productivity and give your users more control and automation when exporting files and assembly structures, watermarking, and setting status change restrictions. Discover

PowerPack for Plant 3D

Enhance your accuracy and control in Plant 3D with easier creation, management, and sharing of your designs and documentation. Increase your efficiency when working with custom equipment and piping, exporting data, and producing documents. Discover

PowerPack for PD&M Collection | Graitec - UK

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