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PowerPack Premium Concrete in the next generation of rebar modeling and rebar detailing for Structural professionals using Autodesk Revit® software. Supporting various international standards, PowerPack Premium Concrete speeds up all aspects of 3D rebar cage generation and reinforcement editing, whilst automating documentation, drawings and schedules with custom schemas to support local requirements.

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Why use PowerPack for Rebar detailing?

PowerPack Premium Concrete is an innovative Autodesk Revit® plugin that supports complete structural BIM model creation. By introducing intelligent and parametric 3D rebar cage reinforcement and concrete formwork design in Revit®, PowerPack Premium Concrete makes it easy to manipulate rebar shapes and manage rebar modification in projects whilst speeding up final rebar drawings, schedules and reports in Revit®.

Main bars

Enable full 3D reinforcement cage generation in Autodesk Revit® simply by selecting the structural concrete beams, columns, footings, and wall elements. Revit® users can quickly create complex and complete rebar cage and bar configurations to suit their project needs.

Generate Drawings

Automatically generate sections, detailed views with tags, bending details, and bar schedules directly on a Revit® sheet with custom title blocks for all structural elements (such as beam, column, footing and walls).  Advanced user configuration can also be used to easily create rebar drawings for a single or multiple elements.

Split Bars

Set rules (maximum length, exact number of splits, split per line) and use different methods of connections (lapping, cranking rebars or using mechanical couplers with or without staggered the repartition) to manage rebar splitting in Autodesk Revit® to match various local and project scenarios.

Bending details

Create intelligent Bar bending details based on the modeled reinforcement in Revit®, including 2D fully dimensioned bar bending details that will update as the design changes. Position and scale of these details can be controlled by Revit® users to increase the speed of the documentation process in Revit®.

End bar symbol

Add highly customizable symbols as graphical representations on 2D views (tick and tag) to show the end location of straight bars when reinforcement bars overlap on Revit® views. .

Rebar Schedule

Produce and manage detailed rebar schedules in Revit®, and automatically create images for bending details to include in schedules, to local and company standards using predefined and customizable Revit® templates. Revit® users can also create custom reports and export them directly to Word®.

PowerPack for Rebar detailing in Revit® | Graitec - UK

The 5 key benefits of PowerPack for Rebar detailing

Next generation tools to boost productivity for Rebar detailing in Revit®

Speed up Rebar cage generation for usual structural elements in a building

Generate custom Rebar quantities schedules and reports, enriched with rebar images

Dedicated tools to modify and edit reinforcement in Revit® (split, cranked, trim …)

Automate Rebar Drawings in Revit® including tags, dimension lines …

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PowerPack for Rebar detailing in Revit® | Graitec - UK

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