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Save time modelling rebar and generating
reinforcement drawings in Revit®,
backed by Free expert support on Revit!

Optimize your rebar modelling, detailing, and documentation workflows in Revit®. Enhance your rebar capabilities, save time, and reduce errors, while fostering team collaboration. Benefit from unparalleled efficiency and accuracy with: automated bar bending schedules, dynamic rebar numbering, and advanced reinforcement tools.


87% report an increase in ROI on their investment with Graitec PowerPack

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1 Structural professionals using Autodesk Revit® software can speed up all aspects of 3D rebar cage generation and reinforcement editing.


2 Automate documentation, drawings and schedules with custom schemas to support local and various international requirements.


3 Unlock the full potential of Autodesk Revit with PowerPack for Rebar Detailing, plus benefit from free, expert support to optimize your Revit experience.

5 Key benefits of PowerPack Rebar Detailing for Revit®

Maximize Your Time | Graitec - UK
Ensure Precision | Graitec - UK
Enhance Your Productivity | Graitec - UK
Streamline Collaboration | Graitec - UK
Support and Updates | Graitec - UK
  • Free up your valuable time by automating tasks like rebar numbering and bending schedules. Custom scripts and pre-built templates boost your productivity and help you stay ahead of deadlines.

  • Minimize design errors and misunderstandings. Design reinforced concrete structures with utmost precision. High quality documentation – rebar schedules, bending schedules, and material takeoffs – keeps everyone on the same page. Advanced features enable modeling of complex reinforcement shapes and ensure error-free designs.

  • Design reinforced concrete structures with utmost precision, improving productivity. Model complex reinforcement shapes confidently, with error-free designs.

  • Ensure efficient collaboration, with all team members working from the same accurate, up-to-date model. Seamless integration with Autodesk Revit® enables real-time updates and easy sharing of data among team members. When exporting data to other applications, such as fabrication software, all parties can continue to work with an accurate model.

  • Stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the latest features and improvements in your design workflow. Access expert support from GRAITEC and benefit from regular software updates.

Complement and balance your projects perfectly
with PowerPack Rebar Detailing for Revit®.

Main Bars

Quickly create complete, complex rebar cage and bar configurations. Generate full 3D reinforcement cages with structural concrete beams, columns, footings, and wall elements.

Generate Drawings

Save time with automatic generation of sections, detailed views with tags, bending details, and bar schedules directly on a Revit® sheet. Custom title blocks fit all structural elements (beam, column, footing, and walls). Advanced user configuration can create rebar drawings for single or multiple elements.

Split Bars

Adapt to local and project scenarios by setting rules and using different connection methods to manage rebar splitting in Autodesk Revit®.

Rebar Visibility

Better manage and optimize visibility of reinforcement by type in each Revit® view. Define layers and assign rebar.

End Bar Symbol

Assure precision with highly customizable symbols as graphical representations on 2D views. Show the end location of straight bars when reinforcement bars overlap on Revit® views.

Reinforcement Openings

Quickly generate constructive reinforcement for single or multiple openings. Detect and manage creating of rebar around openings on slabs or walls in Revit®. Selected openings offer configuration parameters, plus options for different reinforcement bar types.

And more features to facilitate your day to day job

Edge Reinforcement

Quickly design and generate structural reinforcement along one or more edges of concrete elements, such as slabs or walls. Parameters for multiple configurations include:

Transverse reinforcement (open or closed).
Longitudinal bars, separately for vertical, top, and bottom distributions.

Cranked Bars

Efficiently avoid collisions of collinear bars. Quickly generate cranks at selected ends of longitudinal reinforcement bars in Revit®. Cranks can be defined on straight bars or with hooks, modelled individually or distributed.

Transversal Distribution

Increase efficiency when configuring custom parameters for variable reinforcement bar distribution. Use default settings or configure custom parameters for linear structural elements such as beams or columns.

Rebar Numbering

Save time by using purpose-built filters to select rebar by parameters – number, type, partition, mark, shape, diameter. Also highlight, browse, select, or delete all corresponding instances in the active view.

PowerPack Rebar Detailing for Revit® | Graitec - UK

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New features in Versions 2024 & 2024.1

Clone Drawings | Graitec - UK
Assign Rebar Role | Graitec - UK
Automatic Partition | Graitec - UK

  • Engineered for precision and efficiency on reinforcement drawings, Clone Drawings automates the cloning of views, sheets, and schedules. Save significant time and reduce repetitive tasks compared to manual processes. Experience streamlined workflows with a focus on quality with reduced errors.

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  • This tool simplifies reinforcement detailing, automatically designating roles to rebars, boosting placement accuracy and detailing speed.

  • This command divides complex models into manageable segments based on user criteria, optimizing workflow and model performance in large-scale projects.

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