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Graitec PowerPack for Revit is a key differentiator in effective project delivery. PowerPack puts performance, automation, and capability in the hands of design teams to help reduce errors, eliminate repetitive tasks, improve project quality and increase operational efficiency and profitability.

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Why buy PowerPack for Revit

Speed up daily repetitive tasks, increase productivity, reduce errors and enable workflows with Graitec Design Software.

Link to Excel

Create an interactive, bi-directional link between the Autodesk Revit® project and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Family Manager

The Family Manager optimises BIM model creation and facilitates collaborative work, to guarantee effective collaboration and ensure coherence between project elements within an agency or a design office

Element Lookup

Element Lookup provides advanced searching features that offer the flexibility needed to allow easy object selection based on their characteristics, and for batch-processing purposes.


Numbering and renumbering are made easy for all elements such as grids, levels, rooms, structural elements, ducts, doors, elements, etc.

Work Tracker

Records the time spent by a user on a project or file from Autodesk Revit® and creates activity charts, which can later be used to create activity reports.

BIM Connect

A suite of collaboration and interoperability tools to exchange the BIM model between Revit and Graitec Design Software


PowerPack propose an innovative set of tools for rebar modelling and detailing directly in Revit. It works with various international standards to speed up 3D rebar cages generation, edit reinforcement, automate and custom documentation including drawings, schedules with schema and design reports.

Rebar Modeling

Take benefits from advanced features to boost rebar cage generation, combined with features dedicated to fine tunes drawings and rebar schedules.

Rebar Drawings

Use a series of dedicated tools aiding in the creation of drawing documentation such tag Rebar, create bar bending schedules, drawing sheets creation based on configurable templates.

Rebar Cage Design

In addition to a large set of tools for rebar detailing, generate and design 3D rebar cage directly in Revit based on FEM results

PowerPack for Revit | Graitec - UK

The 5 key benefits of PowerPack for Revit

Wide range of commands that aim to boost productivity

Use advanced features to reduce errors on repetitive tasks or complex manipulation on Revit model

Take benefits of a complete BIM workflow based on GTCX file format, enabling advanced data and model exchange between Revit and Graitec Design Software.

Take advantage of a large set of tools to manage and control your Revit Projects, from batch upgrade Revit files, batch export Revit sheets or tracking time spent on working on a Revit file.

Updates with numerous customer driven enhancements

Why choose GRAITEC

Solutions to help deliver your projects on time & under budget

Dedicated experts to help you increase productivity

Training to help improve efficiency within your team

Worldwide leader in AEC & MFG system integration

PowerPack for Revit | Graitec - UK

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PowerPack for Revit | Graitec - UK

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