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Vehicle Tracking provides a set of transportation design tools that include vehicle swept path prediction for steered vehicles, light rail vehicles and aircraft, as well as parking layout and roundabout design

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Why buy Vehicle Tracking ?

Vehicle Tracking helps to analyse and incorporate vehicle manoeuvres into designs

Vehicle Movement Assessment

Evaluate the movement of steered vehicles, light rail vehicles and aircraft

Mill Time Reduction

Analyse and predict the movement of steered and light rail vehicles and aircraft

Car Park Design 

Use geometric rules for more efficient layout of parking rows and bays

Roundabout Design 

Quickly generate roundabout designs that blend with existing or planned roads

Multiple Drive Modes

The solution includes six drive modes, all accessible from the toolbar or drop down menu

Regular Updates

Vehicle Tracking is regularly updated with new features with the latest update in 2022

Vehicle Tracking | Graitec - UK

The 5 key benefits of Vehicle Tracking

Available as part of the Autodesk AEC Collection

Contains a comprehensive set of transportation design tools

Supports in-depth swept path analysis and design

Allows design teams to see how transportation will interact with building and infrastructure designs before they are built

Intuitive and easy to use

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Vehicle Tracking | Graitec - UK

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