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Designers, developers, landscape architects, engineers, consultants, and approval authorities rely on InfoDrainage from the Autodesk Water Solutions range, as a comprehensive design and analysis tool to quickly and confidently design and audit drainage systems, deliver sustainable and cost-effective compliant designs, and access a complete BIM (Building Information Modelling) solution.

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Why use InfoDrainage From The Autodesk Water Solutions Range

Easy to use

Utilise an automated and unified platform for all your projects, featuring intuitive controls and clear visualisation.

Optimised design

Provide designs that are compliant, sustainable, optimally sized, and cost-effective, while ensuring timely delivery and staying within budget.

Quicker approvals

Simplify the approval procedures by utilising drainage designs that are clear, defensible, and easily reviewable.

Take the complexity out of drainage design

Enhance efficiency, compliance, and control throughout your project’s lifecycle. By saving time on sustainable design, you can optimise workflows and obtain quicker approvals.

Seamless integration

The built-in integration with Civil 3D and data exchange capabilities with other CAD and GIS platforms reduce design time.

Simpler regulatory compliance

Utilise auditing tools to simplify compliance, generating customised reports and templates that meet local regulations and requirements in multiple languages and units.

InfoDrainage | Graitec - UK

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is InfoDrainage used for? With InfoDrainage, you can design, review, and approve sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), green infrastructure, and traditional drainage systems, enabling you to create designs that are clearer, more detailed, and more confident.

Who uses InfoDrainage? InfoDrainage is a comprehensive design and analysis solution utilised by designers, developers, landscape architects, engineers, consultants, and planners.

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InfoDrainage | Graitec - UK

Training - Introduction to InfoDrainage

This courseware is designed for new users of InfoDrainage who want to know the basics of designing and analysing a drainage system incorporating underground Pipe Networks and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

InfoDrainage key features

Discover now how Designers, engineers, consultants, developers, reviewers, approving authorities, and water
companies can utilise InfoDrainage to design and audit drainage systems.

InfoDrainage | Graitec - UK

Sustainable and traditional design

Develop designs for both traditional and sustainable drainage, along with customised compliance reports.


Analyse flows and flooding

Utilise the built-in detailed hydraulic analysis for pipes, manholes, storage, and green infrastructure to minimise the risk of downstream flooding.

Civil 3D integration

The integrated data exchange with round-tripping support in Civil 3D enables the updating of pipe networks and surfaces, maintaining 3D models for BIM compliance.


Natural flowpaths

Quickly and easily identify overland flow patterns with the deluge analysis features.

InfoDrainage | Graitec - UK
InfoDrainage | Graitec - UK

Real-life view

Observe the precise extent of a pond, the connection between underdrain and swales, and the exact length of pipes.


Templated designs

Accelerate the design process with drag-and-drop templates that are designed to comply with regulations, making them simple to use.

Other features

Clear visualisation
Toggle between profile, plan, and 3D views to visualize the space you’re using and how your system is connected.

Validate mistakes quickly
Utilise validation to promptly identify highlighted errors and read warnings, with potential solutions offered.

Simplified workflow
The ribbon and toolbox options provide a logical workflow that guides and enhances user capabilities.