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In terms of Modelling, analysing and optimizing the steel structures, Advance Design is a high-end solution that integrates all these processes within the same modern and easy-to-use interface. It meets the highest standards of the industry aiming to increase users’ productivity and smoother workflow.

The best-in-class BIM interoperability and synchronization with Autodesk Advance Steel is also another aspect of the solution. Steel designers and detailers can easily export/import or synchronize their Advance Steel models with Advance Design which will help them to apply loads and code check or optimize the steel sections even at the preliminary stages of the project before engineers get involved.

Main benefits for Steel Designers :

  •  Transfer of EC3 steel connections type from Advance Steel to Advance Design
  •   Easy section mapping,
  •  Accurate model mapping and fast multiple synchronization through extensive capabilities
  •   Transfer of options on elements: Rotation, eccentricity, offset
  •   Transferability of compound cross-sections from Advance Steel to Advance Design
  •   Seamless transfer of geometry and parameters of compound sections
  •   Converting Foundations to Supports
  •   Foundations modelled in AS are automatically converted to supports in AD
  •   Same philosophy of modelling – no nodes,  only objects

Learn more about Advance Design advantages for Advance Steel user.

Unique BIM Workflow

Within the construction sector there are many ways to approach the design and detailing of a building framework, typically this requires a liaison between the Structural Engineer and the Steel Fabricator and their Steel Detailing Department.    This process will involve the creation of the project concept and within that concept there will then be the schematic design for analysis, which then is Transferred to detailing for Fabrication.   These processes require the transfer of data from different software tools, and this is where the ‘GRAITEC Transfer Centre’ comes into its own, providing that link between Analysis, Design and Detailing.

To expand upon the GRAITEC Transfer Centre (GTC), all the models created with GRAITEC software can be synchronized, with no data loss and no need to re-input data.     The GTC tools are inbuilt to the Graitec software solutions for Analysis and Detailing, for Advance Design, the tools are within the ‘BIM Centre’ and within the Graitec Powerpack for Advance Steel, which is a series of additional tools to compliment Autodesk Advance Steel, The Steel detailing solutions from Autodesk.

Read the quick start guide for the GTCX tools within the Advance Design and Powerpack for Advance Steel.

Advance Design connector to Advance Steel | Graitec - UK

Watch this movie and learn more about data exchange between Advance Steel and Advance Design:


Advance Design connector to Advance Steel | Graitec - UK


Understand & control your model!

Advance Design connector to Advance Steel | Graitec - UK

Advance Steel to Advance Design Workflow Tips & Tricks
Working between two different software’s can sometimes be challenging as typically these will be designated to provide solutions within their workspace, therefore they inherently attract different requirements to meet the desired outcome.  The challenge is no different when working with Advance Design and Advance Steel, users on both platforms need to maintain their models to achieve the parameters needed for analytical design and Fabrication detailing, these challenges impact on the model construction between the different disciplines.

In these situations, a workflow is required that allows the engineer, the designer, and the detailer to exchange this model scheme, allowing them to perform their required tasks at the relative stages of the project cycle.   What does that mean, it the terms of the model, how it is constructed at the schematic stage and how that model is them transferred and then later taken to the Fabrication model can be influenced at different stages of the process.

For this workflow the Graitec Transfer centre (GTC) process can be adopted between the platforms of Graitec Advance Design and Autodesk Advance Steel, using this GTC tools the users can transfer the model data and synchronise any changes between the source models, but conventions need to be maintained between the systems to allow this functional workflow.

To aide this process and help create a greater understanding between the parties involved, we have created a short guide to Having a ‘Good exchange between Advance Steel and Advance Design’ ,  the focus of this document is to outline some of the best practices that are needed to be adopted by all to achieve this exchange of model data.

Read more on our Tips and Trick for a Good exchange.

Advance Design connector to Advance Steel | Graitec - UK

Advance Design – Structural Analysis for Construction Professionals

Advance Design is a mature and easy to use FEM Structural Analysis solution dedicated to structural engineers operating in a BIM environment.
It fully designs any type of structure, with any kind of loads, mixing concrete, timber and steel members. It includes major code standards (Eurocodes / North American).

Advance Design provides an outstanding BIM experience. It enables intelligent model-based workflows for Engineers and construction professionals. Advance Design acts as a BIM platform and guarantees the continuity of geometric and analytical data through model transfers all along the design cycle. Analysis results are also stored in the Digital Model and are part of the BIM process. For instance, they can be used to start a rebar design or a steel connection process directly from Revit.

These options open new disruptive opportunities.

  •  Powerful, Easy to use and operate
  •  BIM: Fully compliant with Revit®
  •  Up to 20 % time saving
  •  Supported by a strong team of experts
  •  Thousands of references worldwide

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