Connect Autodesk Revit to Advance Design for unique BIM Workflow

Streamline processes by exchanging complete engineering data between Autodesk Revit® and Advance Design®.

Simply export structural Revit® models to FEM Software to perform global design analysis and reinforcement check.



Increase your productivity, save time

Autodesk Revit® as a connected BIM Platform can be associated Advance Design® to run structural engineering studies, offering then various assets to address the whole cycle of a project from modelling to design and reinforcement detailing.

Dedicated and accurate set of tools for design engineers like creating and managing a flexible and usable analytical model are proposed directly in Autodesk Revit® Software.

Revit® users can leverage all those data embedded in this BIM Model to design the structure in Advance Design without rebuilding a new model from scratch and launch advanced calculations.

Thanks to this bidirectional link, start a project in Advance Design® or Autodesk Revit®, then import, export and synchronize all data (geometry, load, combinations design assumptions) between those two software.

Connect Autodesk Revit to Advance Design for unique BIM Workflow

Main benefits for structural engineers and bim modelers:

  • Maximize productivity with smart processes from concrete formwork models made with Autodesk Revit® to Advance Design® analysis software
  • Consolidate all design data (loads, internal forces, reinforcement, design assumptions) in a structural BIM Model in Autodesk Revit®
Structural BIM Workflow
Structural BIM Workflow
  • Minimize modelling time for engineers in Advance Design®
  • Reduce errors with automated import process of modifications from Advance
  • Design® to structural model in Autodesk Revit®.
  • Create analytical model directly in Autodesk Revit® from an architectural model
  • Stay competitive face to market expectations using advanced engineering workflows
  • Identification of constructive issues and comparisons of various structural solutions

Download our White Paper: BIM workflows for structural engineers

Key Features from interoperability between
Revit® and Advance Design®

  • Seamless transfer of geometry, cross section for concrete members between Revit® and Advance Design®.
  • Support several model configurations in Revit for export (physical model only, analytical model only, associated model)
  • Loads, combinations from Revit automatically exported in Advance Design Model
Loads, combinations from Revit automatically exported in Advance Design Model
  • Synchronise and monitor any modifications from Advance Design®.to Revit® (new elements, modifications, objects deleted …)
  • Import as Result packages in Revit®, FEM Result coming from Advance Design®.
  • Import in Revit, theoretical reinforcement values from Advance Design®.
  • Import 3D rebar cages design from Advance Design Module into native reinforcement in Revit
  • 3D rebar cage design driven generation, Post Process FEM data store in Revit to launch design for structural members

Versatile structural BIM Workflow

With PowerPack for Revit®, Autodesk Revit® and Advance Design® can be strongly connected thanks to a bidirectional link that streamline workflow between engineers and BIM Modelers.

Various workflow scenarios are supported, making this process very flexible and adaptable depending on your internal organization or project initial data and constraints:

  • Model directly an analytical model in Autodesk Revit® without any 3D formwork (for example based on 2D architect drawings or IFC model) and export it to Advance Design®
  • Export directly to Advance Design®, a 3D model without any analytical model from Autodesk Revit®. Adjust, correct, and complete the analytical model in Advance Design® thanks to large set of tools addressed to trim, extend, adjust analytical members to get a connected and consistent analytical model.
  • Based on a Revit® project than contain physical and analytical model associated or not, export the analytical model to Advance Design® and enable a roundtrip engineering workflow by synchronizing FEM results in Revit®.

All those functionalities, export, import and synchronize structural model are possible based on our internal file format *. GTCX.

Thanks to this, Revit® users can store FEM Results coming from Advance Design® and visualize internal forces or bending moments directly in Autodesk Revit®.

Theoretical reinforcement values as well could be imported from Advance Design® for linear and planar elements, such as beams, columns, footings, groups of walls or slabs. Structural design for those elements could be then, run directly in Autodesk Revit® using reinforcement design tools include in our PowerPack for Revit®.


Advance Design – STRUCTURAL Analysis for Construction Professionals

Advance Design is a mature and easy to use FEM Structural Analysis solution dedicated to structural engineers operating in a BIM environment.
It fully designs any type of structure, with any kind of loads, mixing concrete, timber and steel members. It includes major code standards (Eurocodes / North American).

Advance Design provides an outstanding BIM experience. It enables intelligent model-based workflows for Engineers and construction professionals. Advance Design acts as a BIM platform and guarantees the continuity of geometric and analytical data through model transfers all along the design cycle. Analysis results are also stored in the Digital Model and are part of the BIM process. For instance, they can be used to start a rebar design or a steel connection process directly from Revit.

These options open new disruptive opportunities.

  • Powerful, Easy to use and operate
  • BIM: Fully compliant with Revit®
  • Up to 20 % time saving
  • Supported by a strong team of experts
  • Thousands of references worldwide
Connect Autodesk Revit to Advance Design for unique BIM Workflow | Graitec - UK

Discover how to Incorporate Structural Analysis and Design into Your BIM Workflow!

Key learnings:

  • Transfer a structural model between REVIT and Graitec Advance Design including export/import and model synchronization.
  • Perform FEM analysis & calculate internal forces and rebar design/placement in REVIT using Graitec Power pack tool in REVIT.
  • Modify the 3D model and code check the structural elements imported from REVIT in Graitec Advance Design.
  • How to apply external loads such as Dead, Live, Wind, Snow and Seismic to the structure.

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