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Autodesk Advance Concrete Technical FAQs

How is the automatic detection option for a fabric outline defined?
How to remove Advance Concrete proxy objects ?
How to add reinforcement cages at specific locations ?
How to refine RBS in Advance Concrete?
How does the assembly recognition work?
How can we set a certain line thickness for the reinforcing bars?
How do I create stairs in Advance Concrete?
How can I calculate the bar length in Advance Concrete?
How is a customized toolbar created?
How can I remove an exponent representation in millimeters for slab symbols?
In which cases can I use the Column 1 stirrup – symmetric solution?
How is a sloped slab created?
How does the BIM work between Advance Concrete and Advance Design ?
What are segment locks used for?
How can I splice a bar ?
How do I exclude elements in an intersection dimension?
How can I use user sections?
How are the dimensions of a layout sheet modified?
How is a standard 4-sloped roof modeled in Advance Concrete?
How is the list generator used?
How is the Lap Displacement command used?
How is an arched plate created?
How is a new reinforcement symbol created?
How can I use project data in title blocks and in lists?
How can I create user-defined reinforcement symbols?
How can I create user-defined symbols for cut views and elevations?
How is the height of structural elements defined?
How is a dynamic reinforcement solution created?
How is a circular ramp created?
How is a bill of materials created?
How are the visibility properties of a dynamic reinforcement solution used?
How is a wall with a brick shelf designed?
How is a new bar shape created?
How is a Title block defined in Advance Concrete?
How are structure elements made hidden/visible?
How can I create user defined title block and frames?
How are user-defined title blocks and frames used?
How is radial reinforcement used?
How is a list created using the material quantities manager?
How are bending details automatically created?
How can I view the released bars?
How is a pre-cast element created with Advance Concrete entities?
How is a new material type created and customized?
How is a reinforcement drawing with fabrics created using the automatic optimization command in Advance Concrete?
How are reinforcement lists for layouts created?
How can the hatches be viewed based on the element type of the section?
How is an AutoCAD entity converted into a structural element?
How are users managed in a multi-user environment?
How do we use the “Multicriteria selection” command?
How are structural elements automatically renamed?
How is the steel quantity estimated for a structure?
How is a Multi-User database created and accessed in Advance Concrete?
How are new bars added to a list of materials?
How are elements managed in a Multi-User model?
How is Advance Concrete 2010 installed on a computer that has only AutoCAD® 2011?
How do we label structural elements?
How can we create an angled lintel window in Advance Concrete?
How can the thickness of the distribution line and the bending detail be modified in Advance Concrete?
How is a list created using ‘User:…’?
How are level dimensions customized?
How are reinforcement bars dimensions displayed rounded?
How is a list split into pages?
How is the multiplication factor for a distribution edited?
How are bar supports used?
How are all the project settings saved and loaded?
How do we create a dome?
How is a predefined rectangular section created?
How are Dynamic Reinforcement solutions used for wall intersections?
How are symbols better managed in reinforcement drawings?
How is a stepped wall created with openings (holes) or using 3D solids?
How is the ‘Copy 3D model’ used?
How is the display of the reinforcement of a dynamic reinforcement solution removed from a reinforcement drawing?
How is the color of the reinforcement bars changed?
How is a filter created for a list?
How can the materials be ordered from two different drawings in Advance Concrete?
How are symbols / annotations added to the structural elements for a Top/Bottom view?
What are the advantages of using the variable distribution in two directions?
How is a linear meter distribution used?
How are local sections for beams created in Advance Concrete?
How are local sections for walls created in Advance Concrete?
Why is ‘Copy 3D model’ powerful?
What are the differences between a plan view and a top/bottom view?
How can the dynamic reinforcement solutions be better managed?
How is a reinforcement cage with or without formwork converted to 3D solids and exported to a dwf file?
How is a cooling tower created in Advance Concrete?
How is a new layer style saved in Advance Concrete?
How do we create a cantilever wall in Advance Concrete?
How do I create a custom style for positioning views in reinforcement drawings ?
How is a layout that contains different scaled views created?
How is a multiuser database copied from one computer to another?
How are reinforcement bars numbered in Advance Concrete?
How is the bill of material obtained in Advance Concrete?
What is the difference between ‘Activate and update structure’ and ‘Activate and update All’ ?
How is a new steel grade added in Advance Concrete?
How is an inclined beam created in Advance Concrete?
How are definition bars and distributions found in a complex model?
How are Advance Concrete files exported to DWG?
How are reinforcement bars numbered after they are modified in Advance Concrete?
How are collisions between reinforcement bars found in a reinforcement drawing?
How are bars and fabrics included in a list highlighted?
How do we identify the position in the Model for elements included in a drawing?
How can I add or remove elements from a cut distribution?
How is a dimension exported to a DWG file?
How are fictive fabrics added to a list?
Which are the available display modes for bars in linear and variable distributions?
How is an automatic reinforcement applied for a continuous beam?
How can several drawings be updated simultaneously?
How can bar marks be better managed?
What is the Project ID?
How are Advance Concrete lists exported to Excel?
How are polygonal viewports added in Advance Concrete?
How are several multiplication factors applied to the same bar distribution?
How are lists organized depending on the bar mark prefix?
How can annotations be created on the same side of the structural element?
How can layouts be exported in the DWG format?
How are openings managed in a bill of materials for the structure?
How are elements copied or moved from one level to another?
How are bar distributions trimmed?
How are detailing elements that are automatically created together with reinforcement bars and bent meshes chosen?
How are grid axes renumbered?
How are the reinforcement bars renumbered in several drawings or in the entire project?
How is ‘Unlink DWG’ used for formwork and reinforcement plans?
How can the views be grouped in a project created with SPLIT?
How to manage Microsoft VS 2008 redistributables after Autodesk Advance Concrete 2015 installation?
How can we work on a SPLIT project?
What is the role of the Refresh option from the Pilot?
How is a list created from the layout for the entire project using the Multi-Doc option?