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Autodesk Advance Steel Technical FAQs

How to avoid a crash in the BOM component ?
How to calculate the body for collision check for a bolt?
How is a checker plate created in Advance Steel?
How to define drawing explode options ?
How to add a new cladding profile in database?
How are typical plate sizes automatically converted (mapped) into flat bars in Advance Steel ?
How to calculate the weight for straight beams, curved beams and plates?
How to remove Advance Steel proxy objects ?
How are Advance Steel drawings converted to PDF files ?
How is additional Project Data, such as the Coating of a Project, specified and used on drawings and lists?
How is the content of drawings updated when Project Data information has changed?
How is a main part changed to a single part?
How is the gauge line changed in Advance Steel?
Why is it important to use model roles in Advance Steel?
How are objects modified after drawing creation and what are the numbering consequences?
How are material names modified (e.g., A36 instead of ASTM A36)?
How is the numbering by phase performed using various schemes?
What are the different numbering options in Advance Steel?
How is a new weld symbol created in Advance?
How to view Advance Steel models exported to IFC?
How to remove the display of the beam treatments?
How is a part that has no visible edges labeled?
How is a toolbar icon changed for a customized list template?
How to remove clipping on skewed parts for assembly drawings?
How are the special unfolding values defined in a table used?
How are Advance Steel objects removed from a DWG file?
How are the AutoCAD display settings configured ?
How to decide if Advance Steel has to create a hole or a circular cut in the NC-DSTV file?
How to modify the length precision inside the detail title of a workshop drawing?
How can I easily modify the beam color in all the views of a General Arrangement drawing?
How is a new grating created?
How to use Advance Steel with databases in a shared network environment?
What are the different expansion methods for unfolding?
How to change the column and rafter sizes in the Portal Frame macro ?
How do I define the I-section used by default when creating a beam ?
How do I get access to Drawing Styles from other countries?
How do I find (with the Advance Steel search tool) a beam that has a single part mark B1?
Problems importing an ACIS solid?
How is a tube cut with another tube?
How do I configure which manual labels are used?
What can I do when the GRAITEC license fails to activate by internet on Windows Vista?
How do I change the color for different detail line types?
How is an Advance Steel model opened in pure AutoCAD®?
How to modify a BOM on drawing template in Advance Steel 2010?
How are Anchors added to lists?
How to change the tolerance used for numbering?
How do I create an external BOM from a drawing?
How are multiple tubes cut at a single node?
How do I set a new default prototype used by a process ?
How are new profiles added to the Purlin macro ?
How can I modify the name of a section from a profile class ?
How does the scribing option work for NC files?
How can I modify the dimension line color?
How is the BIM transfer between Advance Design and Advance Steel done?
How are custom treads added to the stair macro?
How are orientation marks used?
How is the customization from a previous Advance Steel version merged?
How can I define the units and precision for a single label?
How are environment elements on a workshop drawing represented?
How are material lists with selected elements created?
How is the Multi-User Function used?
How are databases configured on a central computer?
How to use databases from a network computer?
How can I get the convert drawing command to work in Advance Steel 2010 on the AutoCAD 2010 platform?
How is a detail drawing header modified?
How are results grouped based on categories in the new BOM on drawings?
How are views on a drawing filtered?
How is a new camera type created in the camera list and added to a process with its own drawing style?
How can Advance Steel performance be improved on 64-bit machines?
How does Advance Steel calculate the system diameter of the tension rods?
How to extend Windows Virtual memory allocation up to 3 gigabytes on computers with 32 bit Operating System?
How can Virtual memory allocation be extended to 3 Gigabytes on a 32 bit operating system?
How are documents registered in the model?
How does Quick Draw work?
How are welds copied in Advance Steel?
How are user-defined templates for material lists created?
How is a grating added to a drawing style?
What are the calculation differences for bolt grips according to DIN 6914 and DIN EN 14399-4?
How is the ribbon profile customized in Advance Steel?
What is the purpose of the ‘.upd’ files?
How can the speed in modeling and detailing be improved?
How are tubes represented in NC files?
Enhanced Visual Appearance of Advance Steel Models
How is the hole symbol configured?
How is a new profile added for the ‘Side rails’ joint?
How are elements attached in Advance Steel?
How do you create a drawing of the element’s axes, with labels that include the section name, length and dimensions that measure the distance between the nodes and extremities?
How is the Advance Steel CUI managed?
How is the Advance Steel user interface managed?
How do I reinstall Advance Steel in another language?
How are user drawing styles, processes and BOM templates integrated in ‘Quick Documents’?
How is a drawing style configured to show the top view of the cambered beam?
How are workplanes created?
How is the dimension style used for leader and dimension lines changed?
How is a drawing style configured to show the grid reference?
How is an anchor created in the new Graitec Advance Manager?
How are additional commands integrated into toolbar palettes?
How is the hatch used by automatic / manual cut view in drawings configured?
How is a feature, identified by an Audit that cannot be processed / deleted, found?
How is Advance Steel configured to use the first angle projection?
How can I migrate from Advance 2010 to Advance 2011 and use both versions on the same machine?
How can I migrate to a higher package?
How is an unwind drawing of an RHS profile created?
How is a multi-page PDF created from many drawings?
How is an isometric view added to a main part drawing?
How are AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts used?
How are elliptical plates or curved beams created?
What is necessary to use Advance Steel under Autodesk Mechanical 2011?
How can I migrate from the 2010 to the 2011 network license?
How are Advance Steel tokens combined into one item in the Title Block?
How is an angle dimension added on a drawing?
How is a user section created for use in Advance Steel and in Advance Design?
How is the exact surface paint determined for plates?
How is a model exported from Revit and imported in Advance Steel?
How is a user defined area locked for detail arrangement configured?
How are large Advance Steel models handled?
How is the drawing format automatically obtained in the detail file name when changing the prototype?
How are user settings migrated to a newer Advance Steel version?
What are the supported snap points for manual dimensions ?
How are polygonal plates and folded plates orientated in details?
How to change the NC files name to show contract name and other references?
How are joints grouped in Advance Steel?
How is the revision mark representation controlled?
How do you create a bolt in the Graitec Advance Manager?
How are single part drawings of special parts created?
How are user settings migrated from Advance Steel 2012 to Advance Steel 2013?
How is the joints name displayed in a view using a drawing style in Advance Steel?
What is the explicit quantity option used for?
How is a user template connection created and imported?
Which are the main tokens used in BOM lists?
How are new member systems and special parts added to the ‘Wind bracing AG1’ and ‘AX1’ joints?
How is the joint name displayed in an existing view in Advance Steel?
How can the derived documents of a model be copied using the ‘Save As’ command?
What are the joint box advantages?
How are joints created between concrete and steel elements in Advance Steel?
How is the bolt mapping used?
How is a user section assigned to structural elements such as Portal Frame?
How is a cladding sheet defined on a curved surface?
What is an interactive view and what defaults control it?
What options can be used to modify the material?
How are the defaults exported and imported in a profile using Graitec Advance Manager 2012?
How are all the defaults saved in a new profile?
How are the priorities of the concrete elements managed in Advance Steel?
What is the importance of the concrete elements priority in overviews in Advance Steel?
How is the median line displayed in a detail drawings?
How is the default view used for detailing changed?
How are radial dimensions placed on curved beam shop drawings?
How is a user section for stairs stringers assigned in Autodesk Advance Steel?
How do you change the drawing style used by the manual cut views?
How is new tool palette edited?
Which are the available tokens in the page header in the detail drawing?
How are bricks created and used?
How to configure Bar grating sizes?
How are user settings migrated from Advance Steel 2013 to Advance Steel 2014?
How is created a bar code system in a BOM?
How are elements missing from the database represented?
How are the defaults modified in Autodesk Advance Steel?
How are new sections added for elements in cold rolled joints?
How to migrate user settings from Advance Steel 2014 to Autodesk® Advance Steel 2015?
How to change the logo in Autodesk® Advance Steel 2015?
How to add an ‘Object presentation’ to a drawing style in Autodesk® Advance Steel 2015
How to create a new Grating Class in Autodesk® Advance Steel 2015?
How can the drawing filename definition be changed in a detailing process?
How are holes in overview drawings displayed?
How is the drawing page header content updated after the Project information has changed?
How are joint objects automatically created on specific layers?
How is the bolt grip length calculated in Advance Steel?
How are the filter functions for snap points used?
How is the default safety distance for holes set in NC files?
How does the DELETE command work for drawings in Advance Steel 2010?
How can the handrail of a non-linear railing be made into a poly beam ?
How can labels be combined depending on the distance between objects?
What is the difference between length and saw length for saw cut beams?
How is a drawing list created?
How is a new material added to the database?
How are the cut views automatically renumbered on a drawing?
How do the compound profiles behave during numbering?
How is a user tread added to the spiral stair joint?
How is the drawing process suite used?
What is the shrink option used for?
Which colors will be used to display the elements in a drawing?
How are custom shape compound profiles created in Advance Steel?
How does the scribing option work for NC and DXF files?
How do I activate my Autodesk Advance Steel license?
How can the toolbars be imported from Autodesk Advance Steel 2014 to Autodesk Advance Steel 2015?
How is a new Model Role added?
How to set up Rollover Tooltips for AS2015.1 objects in AutoCAD
How is a User Section in Advance Steel created and used?
How to create a deployment in order to install Advance Steel 2015 in silent mode?
How the castellated/cellular beams from catalogue or user defined are modeled?
What do the abbreviations used in the drawing styles mean?
How to convert Databases Advance Steel 2015.1 to Advance Steel 2016
How to add a drawing process or a drawing style in the corresponding palette
How to download and install Autodesk Advance Steel 2016 Hotfix1?
How can a prototype be customized and how can an image or DWG logo be added?
How can a process be added?
How to import A307 bolts using the Advance Steel Management Tool (ASMT)
How to unfold user sections on workshop drawings?
How are connection objects highlighted?
How are new profiles added in the cladding macro?
How to map to a flat bar for FABTROL?
How to have model role default to beam
How is a user profile removed from the database?
Advance Steel 2017 on AutoCAD 2017 – Windows 10 missing Arial Narrow font
Amend Advance Steel Precision in BOM on Drawing Templates
Analyze your Advance Steel models with A360 Viewer
How to control your Stair Grating defaults in Advance Steel
How to display trailing zeros and dash lines on detail drawings
How to reference connections created by camera to a key plan view
Setting up Separate Profiles for Advance Steel and AutoCAD