Technical support

Learn how to take advantage of our support services or alternatively you can contact GRAITEC UK Technical Support on +44 (0)23 8086 8947


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How to contact technical support?

1. Log in to your GRAITEC Advantage account by clicking on this link. You will be redirected to the Support section. To return to this section at any time, click Support in the navigation bar.

2. Click on the “Open a new case” button at the bottom right of the page (see visual below) to open a ticket with support:

3. Please provide as much detail as possible about your problem for better processing of your request.

4. Support will contact you as soon as possible.

GRAITEC Advantage gives you 24-hour access to the latest versions of GRAITEC software and product support for download, the latest technical documentation and FAQs and your dedicated online support.
To access GRAITEC Advantage, you must have a username and password sent to you by email. Don’t hesitate to check your spam. If you do not have one, contact us at

GRAITEC support key benefits


A team of experts available to help maintain productivity.


Remote control of your desktop for quicker and more efficient intervention.


A central portal to download and access the latest releases and information.


Help and advice on licensing compliance and the management of Graitec and Autodesk software.