Accelerating Information Management

Accelerating Information Management, Taking off/Measurement and Bill of Quantities Management in construction projects with Autodesk Construction Cloud



Company: AH Pyramids

AH Pyramids is a project and cost management consultancy for the built environment and infrastructure industries. Their portfolio of new build and refurbishment project span the Housing, Education, Offices & Commercial units, Leisure and Healthcare industries.

Project: Compilation of initial cost plan measure for a residential block. The project features an underground car park, with commercial and retail spaces on the ground floor and an entertainment space independent of the block. The highlight of the external area is a garden for various types of flora with the view to attract local fauna. In addition, there are various paths and soft landscaping routes around the building.

Software highlight: Autodesk Construction CloudDocs and Take off Solution

Location: London, UK

The Problem

Prior to starting his own project consultancy company, Vijay Sheemar spent 15 years working in cost management and project estimation with Tier 1 main contractors in the construction sector. At the start of his career, he used to measure the traditional way, with a scale ruler on printed out drawings. As times and technology progressed, Vijay predominately used Bluebeam and Autodesk Design Reviewer for measurement. Despite his profound experience with the software solutions, Vijay often found himself frustrated with some of the features and the lack of interoperability between the software and outputs. The software solutions were limited to a desktop solution only and would be accessible only on machines they were installed on. In addition to this there were several issues. The drawings and models often appeared pixelated, the loading of drawings was always on a delayed response and the software would often crash, meaning important data was lost in the process.

The Solution

When Vijay started his own business, he was looking for a solution fit for purpose: a machine-agnostic software that would be able to handle the data input without delay, any time, any place. He finally discovered Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). Having used ACC Take off and ACC Docs for 6 months, Vijay is already seeing significant benefits: from being able to work any time, any place, updating his projects in the cloud. There are no more loading issues or crashes. He can work on any machine via a web browser to access information and measure, due to it being all cloud-based and not a desktop software. Autodesk Docs comes free of charge when you sign up for the ACC Takeoff package, so Vijay is using it as a Common Data Environment, which he never expected to get when he initially set out to look for a measurement solution.

ACC’s intuitive UX makes it easy to use and its compatibility with all other programmes in his AEC Collection results in smooth project workflows. The accuracy of all measurements is absolute. All measurements are automatically co-ordinated according to different inputs, which means you could measure an area once and have multiple outputs, for example square meter area and perimeter.

Vijay has colour-coded various inputs for instant recognition, for example slabs with different thicknesses, but the output he gets is uniform and easily scalable. Vijay’s favourite feature is the ability to share templates amongst his various projects, thanks to the Library he has created in ACC Docs.

Customer Quote

“Autodesk Construction Cloud Docs is not just a documentation management system, but it has all the tools to be utilised as a CDE (Common Data Environment) for sharing and reviewing with the entire project team, in compliance with BIM and Information Management to international standards.” Vijay Sheemar, Managing Director, AH Pyramids

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