EM LYON Business School

BIM at the service of the structural modelling of a large-scale, multi-material, versatile and evolving project, EM Lyon, a new temple of knowledge at the heart of the city.


EM LYON Business School


Pierre Jourdan, with a mixed architectural and engineering background, has more than 30 years of recognised experience in the construction industry. Having implemented BIM since 2015, he joined ILIADE Ingénierie to implement the digital transformation and anchor the company in a modern approach to building design.

With this project, EM Lyon Business School wanted to revolutionise the way in which higher education is conceived, by opening up to the city and the public, and by offering a multi-purpose, evolving and knowledge-sharing space, in a hybrid world between face-to-face and distance learning.


The challenge was to integrate, from the competition phase, the structural engineering team into the project’s BIM process, in order to ensure the best iterative design of the project by ensuring close collaboration between the architects and all the design and engineering offices.


Advance Design was fully integrated into the BIM process through interoperability with Revit, and with Arche, which was used to calculate the main structure’s load cases. The integration of the Advance Design model into Revit optimised the operational efficiency of the engineers and improved the BIM workflow.

The seismic analysis was performed by a three-dimensional spectral modal analysis on the four structural blocks of the project. In order to obtain a modal mass stress percentage higher than 90%, ILIADE Ingénierie performed the calculation using the Ritz vector method proposed by Advance Design. For the cantilevered metal structure, the analysis of the maximum displacements in X and Y made it possible to determine the width of the seismic joints. Finally, Advance Design’s metal expert module was used to validate all the structural steel elements for the entire project.

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