SCOP Atelier 15, ArchiWIZARD for LCA analysis and E+C- calculation

Implementation of the ArchiWIZARD solution in a cooperative of architects SCOP Atelier 15.


SCOP Atelier 15, ArchiWIZARD for LCA analysis and E+C- calculation


SCOP Atelier 15 is a cooperative company of 7 architects-urban planners based in Ivrysur-Seine (France). The latter is specialised in wood construction and in general everything that revolves around bio-sourced materials. Its activity consists of responding to collective housing operations for social or rental operators such as HLMs. The company also has secondary activities: construction of small and medium-sized public facilities (cultural centres, school extensions, etc. ….)

This project of collective housing contains a technical aspect, an elevation of an existing car park which justifies the use of a design-regulation procedure. A car park slab is already semi-buried to build three floors of wooden buildings on top of this slab. Beyond this technical feature, this project has a strong challenge for the LCA. It aims for fairly high environmental labels with a requirement for low carbon buildings (BBCA). It is one of the first programmes with an E+C- experimental component for which the workshop has been awarded the E3C2 label. This is a fairly demanding level of certification, given that the highest level is E4C2. This is the first E+C- certified operation for the workshop, so it is a new field to tackle,


“The design offices we work with have not necessarily taken the lead in the E+C- experimentation calculations and in particular the LCA calculations but, thanks to ArchiWIZARD, we are able to do so and anticipate this new requirement.” Léo Garros Architect Co-manager at SCOP Atelier


ArchiWIZARD integrates perfectly with the BIM process and collaborative work methods. The software allows the optimisation and regulatory validation of the energy and environmental performance of the building from the sketch to the completion of the work ArchiWIZARD is quick to learn and has intuitive functionalities: thermal simulation, RT2012 and daylight factor which allow to simulate, validate and demonstrate the relevance of the building design choices

SCOP Atelier 15, ArchiWIZARD for LCA analysis and E+C- calculation | Graitec - UK