If you think the AEC world is settling into BIM and BIM is the future think again. The adoption of 3D technologies in the AEC sector is merely serving as an enabler and catalyst for change right across the sector.

What would previously have been considered the norm is now highly debatable to the point that the current reality is that “change is fast becoming the new norm”.

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Technology, the Internet of Things and Intelligent Design Automation are all playing a big part in changing the AEC landscape well beyond the current norms.

The pace of change is quite startling as innovative thinkers and businesses push the boundaries of conventional thinking to drive the adoption of more intuitive and productive design workflows and construction technologies.

Construction technology evangelist and thought leader Bill Allen, CEO and president of Evolve Lab delivered an inspiring speech at Autodesk University and has also published a very informative article.

About Graitec technology Bill Allen states

Manual analysis and modeling is going away. GRAITEC Advance BIM Designer Collection has already created a tool that is a design-driven reinforcement calculation program for 3D cage modeling and automates documentation production for reinforced concrete columns, beams, and footings. It’s just a matter of time before this tool becomes mainstream.

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Bill’s full article and Autodesk speech can be found here. If you want to see a picture of the future and keep abreast of emerging technologies and practices then it’s well worth your time to review both.

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