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Autodesk Build focuses on the project management, quality management, safety management, and cost control of your project, helping you deliver projects on time and under budget.

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Why buy Autodesk Build

Autodesk Build helps deliver a project on time and within your projected cost, reducing unwanted changes to your project.

Manage Schedules

Instantly share, collaborate, and connect project schedules with the field and office

Control Change Orders

Manage change orders with visibility of implications and retain the ability to keep your history

Simplify Submittals

Create and track submittal items and manage in one central location


Track comments and add notes to your meeting records

Centralised Issue Management

Manage all design, quality, and safety issues in a single location

Field Doc Publishing

Auto-sync your up-to-date information to mobile devices and ensure everyone is working with the latest information


The 5 key benefits of Autodesk Build

  • Use project management tools to ensure your project stays on track
  • Access quality management tools to reduce costly rework
  • Focus on site safety by using safety management tools
  • Make use of cost control tools to manage and review your project
  • Link to the rest of the Construction Cloud tools

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