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Insight is an advanced simulation engine and building performance analysis solution that is integrated into Revit. Designed specifically for architects and engineers, it provides detailed energy models of your projects.

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Why buy Insight?

Insight is a full simulation engine and building performance analysis tool.

Building Performance

Discover intuitive, outcome-driven insight into energy and environmental optimisation from design to operation

Real-time Feedback

Visualise and interact with key performance indicators, factors, and ranges to help make better design decisions

BIM Workflow Integration

Work inline with FormIt Pro and Revit to automatically create energy models at all stages of the project

Whole Building Energy

Capture whole building and system interactions with full dynamic thermal energy simulation

Daylight Analysis

Simulate, calculate, and visualise daylight metrics, and annual sunlight exposure

Heating and Cooling Loads

Analyse the total building heating and cooling load calculations using EnergyPlus heat balance methodology


The 5 key benefits of Insight
Access built-in environmental optimisation for design and operation

Monitor real-time feedback from the performance indicators

Work with FormIt and Revit to auto-create energy models

Simulate and visualise daylight metrics

Analyse building heating and cooling load calculations

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Autodesk Insight is an ecosystem that delivers unified project-level data, analytics, and predictive insights for any construction project

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