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Netfabb enhances the tool inside Fusion 360 by adding toolsets for 3D print preparation and additive manufacturing.

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Why buy Netfabb

An essential tool to move the Fusion 360 model into a 3D print environment.

Model Validation

Import models into CAD formats and use the repair tool to quickly correct errors

Ready for Production

Adjust the models’ wall thickness, smoothing, rough areas etc. ready for production

Configurable Build Supports

Use the semi-automated tools to generate support structures

Mesh to CAD Conversion

Convert meshes into model formats such as CAD, STP, SAT, and IGES format

Automatic Packing

Use 2D and 3D packing algorithms to optimally place parts within the build volume

Report Generation

Create customised reports including critical information for manufacturing and quoting


The 5 key benefits of Netfabb

Validate your model using the analyse and repair tools

Modify your model reading for production

Access semi-automatic tools to generate support structures

Generate customised reports for manufacturing and quoting

Mesh to CAD conversion tools built into the software

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Netfabb key features

Autodesk Netfabb is a connected software for additive manufacturing, design and simulation.


Model Validation

You can leverage the NetFabb solution to import models into CAD formats and use the repair tool to quickly correct errors.


Ready for Production

You can use NetFabb software to adjust the thickness of the walls of your design model, smooth rough areas, and more to prepare for production.

Configurable Build Supports

With NetFabb, you can make use of semi-automated tools that come with the software to generate structures that support the design.


Mesh to CAD Conversion

NetFabb allows you to convert meshes into model formats such as CAD, STP, SAT and IGES.


Automatic Packing

NetFabb enables you to use 2D and 3D packing algorithms to optimally place parts within the build volume.


Report Generation

The use of NetFabb allows you to quickly and efficiently create customised reports, including critical information, for manufacturing and quoting processes.

Other features

Advanced Toolpaths
Develop building strategies and define toolpath parameters for maximum surface quality, part density, and speed

Automation (ULTIMATE version only)
Automate common preparation tasks including import, analysis, repair, packing, slicing, and tool pathing

Internal Lattice Structures (ULTIMATE version only)
Create lightweight parts with performance characteristics specific to your application

Topology Optimisation (ULTIMATE only)
Generate forms that are optimised for stiffness and weight, based on the loads and constraints of the part

Integrated Performance Analysis (ULTIMATE only)
Test how your optimised designs will perform using built-in Autodesk® Nastran® simulation

Optimisation Engine (ULTIMATE only)
Automatically verify and optimise lattice and skin elements to meet load requirements and reduce weight

Selective Space Structures (ULTIMATE only)
Fill solid volumes with standard or custom structures to create unique material properties for your part

Integrated Print Engines
Select from the most popular additive manufacturing machines to configure the Netfabb workspace to your process

Solutions for Machine Manufacturers
Netfabb works with a range of OEMs to create integrated printing experiences configured for specific machines

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