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VRED helps designers and engineers to visualise their designs and prototypes using ray tracing provided by the GPU either locally or cloud-based

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Why buy Vred

Make use of the key ability to visualise on a screen or through VR when communicating your design

Data Preparation and Screen Handling

Access the tool’s UV Editor to scale textures and adjust distorted areas

Scene Navigation

Navigate within the screen and control selected objects

Powerful Lighting

Use HDR Lighting to illuminate an entire screen with the support of OpenGL

Human Machine Interface

Visualise HTML 5 content within a scene including immersive validation of the user’s HMI design

Physical Camera Settings

Use real-world camera settings which minimises elaborate post processing

Virtual Reality Interaction

Immerse yourself in the design to see and feel the environment, using hand gestures in VRED


The 5 key benefits of Vred

Use VR to immerse yourself

Enhance lighting to illuminate your design

Benefit from real-world camera settings

Access easier navigation tools

Make use of VRED Presenter

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