5 Easy Steps to Create Custom Columns in Bluebeam Revu

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5 Easy Steps to Create Custom Columns in Bluebeam Revu

Custom Columns in Bluebeam Revu are easy to create and add valuable custom data storage to your markups!

Just follow these steps!

  1.  Open the Markups List

2. Select the Markups List dropdown and then select Manage Columns

Custom Columns Manage Columns

3. Select the Custom Columns tab. Then click Add.

Add Custom Columns

4. Choose the Type of custom column you want and enter a column name. Click OK

Choose Type of column

How to use other column types?

5. Your custom column is complete and will automatically appear in your Markups List column headings!

Custom Column in markups list


Use Custom Columns to add valuable data to your markups! Calculate costs using a Formula column, or assign due dates with a Date column. Save custom columns to profiles and documents to enable your whole team to view consistent data! Click here to get more information on how Custom Columns work with Profiles!

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