Advance Steel PowerPack Railings – Quick Start User Guide

11 January 2022general



Within the Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel, we offer the Railings macros. There are various types included and numerous variations for the user to explore, which may present a daunting situation to someone new to these tools. With that in mind we looked at creating a quick start guide to help new users walk through the guided process of creating a basic standard type railing for a level section, as well as a sloping rail and a combined arrangement.

And to accompany this guide we offer some additional materials, which should help the user better visualise these steps and processes. There are some accompanying videos of the workflow used and the key points to note and change within the macro dialog in order to achieve the railing arrangement.

 How to use a Level/Horizontal Rail

How to use a Level Horizontal Rail youtube

How to use a Sloping Rail Arrangement

How to use a Sloping Rail Arrangement youtube

How to use a Rail which is both Horizontal and Sloping

How to use a Rail which is both Horizontal and Sloping youtube

The video series consists of three guided sessions, each dealing with a standard rail arrangement, firstly starting with a level/horizontal arrangement, then moving on to a sloping arrangement in the second video, and then finally the third video which is combining both the horizontal and sloping.



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