Fusion 360 PowerMill


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Fusion 360 with PowerMill is a CAM software that creates professional CNC programming for complex 3- and 5-axis machining as well as having advanced manufacturing capabilities

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Why use Fusion 360 PowerMill

Expert CNC programming to solve complex problems with dedicated CNC strategies to maximise efficiency and safety

Dedicated CNC Strategies

Reduce programming and machining times with access to a large library of strategies

Blisk and Impeller Machining

Safely and efficiently machine blisks, impellers, and IBRs using specialised 5- axis strategies

Automated Verification

Verify multiple NC programs for collisions and gouges with the built-in verification tool

Robot Programming

Offline programming and simulation of robots from imported CAD data, for a wide range of industrial robots

Toolpath Optimisation

Intelligently edit local or global toolpaths without the need for lengthy recalculations

Hybrid Manufacturing

Allow additive deposition and subtractive material strategies for hybrid workflows

Fusion 360 PowerMill | Graitec - UK

The 5 key benefits of Fusion 360 PowerMill

Make use of safer and more efficient machining strategies

Access trusted, high-quality NC code output

Deliver toolpath optimisation for faster toolpath editing

Make use of comprehensive finishing strategies to reduce manual polishing

Specialised industry solutions for advanced CNC programming

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Fusion 360 PowerMill | Graitec - UK

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